Remote Electronic Neuro-Communication The perfect Crime


This report is about how an obscure effect – “radar hearing” – has turned into the world’s first truly perfect crime, perpetrated on innocent citizens in their homes and communities, with disinformation and heavy legal cover provided by the governments we elect and pay to protect us. This is not fiction, and any wealthy person can avial him/herself of the technology without breaking any laws, from the commercial and unclassified arenas. “Radar hearing”, that is, the hearing of the buzz from a stream of radar pulses directly in the skull with no receiving equipment whatsoever was first noted in World War II.This showed scientists, unfortunately including some highly unethical scientists, that if a radio signal were chopped into thin, sudden pulses, the human brain and nervous system could be directly accessed. Hypnosis and “silent sound” technology have combined to make the effects undetectable by the target. When dealing with the subject matter of this report, there are some terms which have become colloquial as synonyms for experiments for purposes of reading from and transmitting to the human brain: “Neuro-electromagnetic”, “NEM”, “electronic mind control”.

When dealing with this subject, the question “WHY?” is one of the first. The “WHY” is primarily military and intelligence psychological warfare equipment and tactics development, with revenge and sadism adding to the “national security” excuse.


The first neuro-communication device, that is, the first which could cause “entrainment” effects such as instant sleep AT A DISTANCE was the Soviet-made LIDA machine, used in the Korean War, and later (1983) brought to the Loma Linda Veterans Hospital Research Unit and studied by Dr. Ross Adey and Dr. Eldon Byrd. A veteran approached Dr. Adey and told him the device was in use in Allied POW camps during the Korean War.Thus, when the Cold War produced the U.S. Government’s classified response to the Soviet Bloc threat, the CIA’sMKULTRA program series, electronic neuro-communication became one of the smaller development tracks.MKULTRA’s 149 programs emphasized involuntary confinement, secret torture facilities, and especially the use of drugs for control and interrogation purposes. From the 1950s to the late 1970s, MKULTRA‘s 149 sub-programs continued unhindered by public scrutiny. In the late 1970s, the U.S. Senate’s Select Committee on Intelligence, Health and Scientific Research sub-committee, did their job and began hearings on the quarter-century of government-sanctioned atrocities perpetrated on innocent citizens.

Eventually, eight Canadian involuntary test subjects, who had been swindled into becoming “patients” of the infamous Dr. Ewen Cameron at the McGill University Allen [psychiatric] Institute, won a small settlement of $100,000 each from the U.S. Government, via the Canadian Government which shepherded the suit. That case is named “Orlikow vs. United States et al“.

The many more victims of these kidnap/torture experiments, including child abuse, have not received a dime yet, and no official recognition, in spite of the U.S. Government’s apologies to the Tuskegee untreated syphilis experiment victims, and half-hearted acknowledgement (by way of a hearing but no compensation) of the covert radioactive food experiments.

Very worrisome is the fact that no procedures have been put in place yet, after decades, to prevent more secret human experimentation. In fact, the opposite is true: In 1996, the U.S. Government VERY quietly un-signed the Nuremburg Human Experimentation protocols, enacted after the Nazi human experiments became known after World War II. Senator John Glenn tried to make this right by introducing his ownHuman Experimentation Act, S.193 This S.193 bill died quietly in the fanfare over Senator Glenn’s space shuttle ride and subsequent retirement. About the only result of the late-70s hearings was that the institutional, drug, and child abuse phases of military and intelligence experiments were stopped. However, the neuro-communication experiments did NOT stop, in fact, they were never brought to light in the Senate hearings. [Above assertion backed only by the experiences of the several hundred known involuntary test subjects in the U.S., Canada, and world, over the past several decades. Many of us can be contacted directly for interviews. I am willing to call you at my expense. The best collection of testimonials is at: PLEASE BEAR IN MIND THAT THE SEVERAL HUNDRED MKULTRA AND NEM VICTIMS ARE FIRST-HAND WITNESSES. OUR TESTIMONY IS VALID IN COURT.]

This is the collective opinion of the several hundred combined MKULTRA and neuro-communication experimentees, but what seems to have happened after the late-70s hearings was that principal CIA employees were “retired” and migrated into big business. We believe this was done to shed the appearance of government participation in involuntary experimentation. [Collective experience of the victims; governments won't talk about it, or deny it when asked.] It is alleged that “defense contractors play by the same rules” as government agencies. However, the defense contractors who hired the retired MKULTRA perpetrators have three major advantages in keeping their projects secret:

  • 1. Private contractors are not automatically open to Congressional scrutiny.
  • 2. Private contractors have a very powerful excuse to keep their work secret:
    • PATENTS. No member of Congress is likely to try to force a corporation to reveal any patentable secrets who wants to continue getting elected.
  • 3. Private contractors are not required to divulge sources of funding as are government agencies.

[Above are public knowledge.]These advantages allowed the MKULTRA group to keep right on rolling, but now more covertly than ever. And remember, NO MKULTRA perpetrators were ever brought up on criminal charges. Remember too that not all senior government executives, those with the criminal mindset who authorized the work, left government. History shows, undeniably, that at any given time, there is always a percentage of government brass who are willing to use brutality to achieve their personal ends, using the excuse that works every time: “national security”. So what we have is a reversal of criminal responsibility for involuntary human experimentation: – Fifties through seventies: GOVERNMENT was the perpetrator, with corporations, hospitals and universities assisting. – After the seventies, CORPORATIONS are the technology holders and users, with government executives, some with law enforcement powers, providing massive denial services and legal cover by not hunting down and charging the civilian perpetrators, instead denying involuntary experimentation exists. [Above assertions are the collective opinion of the several hundred known MKULTRA and NEM experimentees.]

Even so-called “government laboratories” have in some cases been “sold” to private industry, just as with prisons. Oak Ridge National Laboratories is now owned and run by Martin-Marietta Corporation (in 1993).A final comment on the history of government-backed involuntary human experimentation in general and specifically where neuro-communication is involved: Scientists who did the unclassified ground work in the 60s through the 80s, including Dr. Ross Adey, Dr. Eldon Byrd, Dr. Elizabeth Rauscher, and Dr. Bill Van Bise, have had their funding cut and even their notes confiscated (sometimes stolen) as soon as their work showed success. This is a fact, and they are still alive to confirm it. [From personal communication with Dr. Elizabeth Rauscher and Dr. Bill Van Bise, Eleanor White, by telephone]


The current “catalog” of technologies includes devices to CAUSE, at a distance, effects, pleasant and unpleasant, and other devices to READ OUT biological (including mental) data from the targetted subject. Technology to CAUSE bio-effects:

  • 1. “Voice to skull” transmission, via pulsed microwave carrier The basic how-it-works in one image – Audible The first un-classified success in transmitting audible words to a subject using pulsed microwave was performed by Dr. Joseph C. Sharp, Walter Reed Army Institute of Resarch, in 1974- Inaudible The first semi-classified use of inaudible sound via ultrasound piggybacked on to normal broadcasts was by the U.S. Army’s Psychological Warfare Branch in the Gulf War, 1991. A telephone voice changer circuit which can raise the voice’s pitch just above the limit or normal hearing generates the ultrasound voice. How “silent sound” works
  • 2. Ultrasonic through-air transmission – Acoustic effects The projection, up to several hundred feet, of sound which appears to emanate from an object in the path of the ultrasound projector, but not the projector itself, is slated for military and commercial release by American Technologies Corp. San Diego CA, inventor Elwood Norris. Their patented product is named “HyperSonic Sound” or “HSS” How acoustic heterodyning works (applies to next item also) – Destruction of target organism The use of extremely high power through-air ultrasound, INaudibly, to sicken and potentially kill an enemy soldier is being developed under an unclassified research contract awarded to Synetics Corp.
  • 3. Hypnosis and hypnotic triggers Human beings range from being almost non-hypnotizeable to very hypnotizable, as with other traits, on the familiar bell curve. If SILENT hypnosis is used, as with the combination of microwave voice-to-skull transmission and ultrasonic voice conversion, commands to respond to a certain “trigger phrase” or other triggers such as sights, smells, sounds, can be sent into the target’s skull for months on end. This capacity for long periods of repetition will eventually result in planted hypnotic triggers in most people. Above image file shows silent sound and voice to skull in combination. Hypnotic triggers are the number one problem for those who suffered under years of MKULTRA imprisonment and programming. These triggers don’t simply “go away” on their own.
  • 4. Pain In addition to causing the full range of hypnotic effects, and around-the-clock harassment of targetted individuals, very specific pain, such as the sensation of being stabbed by a large needle, or electric shock sensation, or flailing limbs, or artificial illness symptoms, have been reported by hundreds of NEM experimentees. A pictorial catalog of NEM effects on people.
  • 5. Sabotage SABOTAGE, at home and at work, never quite severe enough that police are willing to investigate but over years and decades has two purposes: Apply stress to the experimentee and cause the experimentee to exhibit symptoms of paranoia to maintain cover. The perpetrators are expert break-in artists, including getting past monitored alarm systems. [Experiences of over 300 NEM experimentees, who are all first-hand witnesses whose testimony is valid in court.]

Technology to READ OUT bio-processes:

  • 1. Through-wall passive and active radar Through wall “passive” radar scanners can be purchased (if the buyer is wealthy) from Millivision Corporation in Northampton, MassachusettsA passive scanner shows people in the nude. It sees clearly through non-conductive walls and is undetectable since it sends out no signal of it’s own. Shining a “radar flashlight” through partly-conductive walls enhances the visibility. A non-imaging radar scanner, called the LADS (Life Assessment Detector System) detects motion of a human body from breathing and heartbeat. Police agencies are beginning to acquire and use these devices, and, naturally, if you have the cash, you can have one too. The reader can be certain that these remote-sensing devices have irresistible appeal to wealthy voyeurs and stalkers!
  • 2. Pass-through-body radio signals Pass-through-body radio signals are simple, steady carrier frequency aimed at a subject’s head, where a receiver on the far side of the subject receives the signal which has passed through the brain tissue. There is no sensation and no way the target can detect this activity. The power levels are low. The signal that passed AROUND the subject is a steady carrier at the identical frequency of the transmitter. The signal that passed THROUGH the subject’s brain, has been slightly modified by the brain’s electrical and magnetic activity. With enough experimentation, both silently-said-to-self words and even images are now recoverable by way of computer enhancement and analysis.

How pass-through works. Shows that computer recovery of visual images from EEG traces has been accomplished in unclassified science. It is important to realize that in all of the above technologies, except the use of high powered microwave or ultrasound signals to cause physical damage, the power levels are extremely LOW, and hard to detect. Furthermore, the carrier signal can be “hopped around” using what is called “spread spectrum” technology. Unless a detection device “knows” the hop schedule ahead of time, there is no way to distinguish the attack signal from ordinary static. These excerpts from a science text show why the signal levels need only be very low: The cells help out by AMPLIFYING certain bio-sensitive signals.


Radio signals and through-air ultrasound are SILENT. Furthermore, when used in conjunction with through-wall radar and conventional surveillance, they can be shut down every time witnesses and/or detection equipment is in use. The result is that revenge or involuntary experimental crimes perpetrated using neuro-communication technology are not prosecutable, as no evidence exists, and not even detectable if the perpetrators are careful. The reader must take away from this report that the world’s justice systems, as we begin the 21st Century, have entirely collapsed in respect to this type of crime. And where has the media been throughout all this?


An article by MENSA bioelectromagnetic interest group newsletter Resonance, Judy Wall. Demonstrates that government has both the interest in and means to carry out, electronic mind control, and via “silent sound” (in the report above) has been doing so for almost two decades. Thought-provoking one page article about a conference at the Paris, France Pasteur Institute, 1998, warning the world that advances in neuroscience and scanning technology are on the brink of producing extremely invasive at-a-distance weapons- capable devices, including human mind reading.Apparatus and Method for Remotely Monitoring and Altering Brain Waves, U.S. Patent 3,951,134 (1974); this description matches targetted individual experience closely
Hemi-Sync, a company selling specially prepared music recordings which use sound to entrain the brain in to relaxation. (Force- awake rhythms also possible.) This explains one form of “silent sound”, in which two steady tones, just above normal hearing, are placed on a recording in addition to the audible music. These two tones combine to produce a relaxing brain entrainment rhythm, which transmits, rather than receives the dominant brain rhythm popularized by the “bio-feedback” industry. “Involuntary voice effects”, a 15-second sound file, forced upon Eleanor White as Eleanor tries to lie as still as possible but is fully awake. Mike was held against Eleanor’s throat with an ace bandage as Eleanor tried to sleep but was (and still is) kept awake by involuntary activation of breathing and vocal cords. Joan K. Christensen’s letter to Eleanor White in which the New York State Assemblywoman claims to have classified knowledge about the neuro-electromagnetic weapons currently being illegally tested. (Cornell University is in upper New York state, not too far from her local constituency office, and Cornell hosted the microwave hearing experiments by Dr. Allan Frey.) Professor Hale at Georgia Perimeter college, 14,000 students, teaches a course aboutMKULTRA.

MKULTRA research site full of articles on covert government misbehaviour in general, with reference material on MKULTRA and related secret programmes. NASA says voice to skull works. Unclassified voice to skull project for the US Department of Defence, by the US Environmental Research and Quality Assurance agency. Satellite tracking system, for use with HUMAN implants, means and motive beyond all doubt.

Shocking Menace of Satellite Surveillance

John Fleming

Unknown to most of the world, satellites can perform astonishing and often menacing feats. This should come as no surprise when one reflects on the massive effort poured into satellite technology since the Soviet satellite Sputnik, launched in 1957, caused panic in the U.S. A spy satellite can monitor a person’s every movement, even when the “target” is indoors or deep in the interior of a building or traveling rapidly down the highway in a car, in any kind of weather (cloudy, rainy, stormy). There is no place to hide on the face of the earth. It takes just three satellites to blanket the world with detection capacity. Besides tracking a person’s every action and relaying the data to a computer screen on earth, amazing powers of satellites include reading a person’s mind, monitoring conversations, manipulating electronic instruments and physically assaulting someone with a laser beam. Remote reading of someone’s mind through satellite technology is quite bizarre, yet it is being done; it is a reality at present, not a chimera from a futuristic dystopia! To those who might disbelieve my description of satellite surveillance, I’d simply cite a tried-and-true Roman proverb: Time reveals all things (tempus omnia revelat).

As extraordinary as clandestine satellite powers are, nevertheless prosaic satellite technology is much evident in daily life. Satellite businesses reportedly earned $26 billion in 1998. We can watch transcontinental television broadcasts “via satellite,” make long-distance phone calls relayed by satellite, be informed of cloud cover and weather conditions through satellite images shown on television, and find our geographical bearings with the aid of satellites in the GPS (Global Positioning System). But behind the facade of useful satellite technology is a Pandora’s box of surreptitious technology. Spy satellites–as opposed to satellites for broadcasting and exploration of space–have little or no civilian use–except, perhaps, to subject one’s enemy or favorite malefactor to surveillance. With reference to detecting things from space, Ford Rowan, author of Techno Spies, wrote “some U.S. military satellites are equipped with infra-red sensors that can pick up the heat generated on earth by trucks, airplanes, missiles, and cars, so that even on cloudy days the sensors can penetrate beneath the clouds and reproduce the patterns of heat emission on a TV-type screen. During the Vietnam War sky high infra-red sensors were tested which detect individual enemy soldiers walking around on the ground.” Using this reference, we can establish 1970 as the approximate date of the beginning of satellite surveillance–and the end of the possibility of privacy for several people.

The government agency most heavily involved in satellite surveillance technology is the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA), an arm of the Pentagon. NASA is concerned with civilian satellites, but there is no hard and fast line between civilian and military satellites. NASA launches all satellites, from either Cape Kennedy in Florida or Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, whether they are military-operated, CIA-operated, corporate-operated or NASA’s own. Blasting satellites into orbit is a major expense. It is also difficult to make a quick distinction between government and private satellites; research by NASA is often applicable to all types of satellites. Neither the ARPA nor NASA makes satellites; instead, they underwrite the technology while various corporations produce the hardware. Corporations involved in the satellite business include Lockheed, General Dynamics, RCA, General Electric, Westinghouse, Comsat, Boeing, Hughes Aircraft, Rockwell International, Grumman Corp., CAE Electronics, Trimble Navigation and TRW.

The World Satellite Directory, 14th edition (1992), lists about a thousand companies concerned with satellites in one way or another. Many are merely in the broadcasting business, but there are also product headings like “remote sensing imagery,” which includes Earth Observation Satellite Co. of Lanham, Maryland, Downl Inc. of Denver, and Spot Image Corp. of Reston, Virginia. There are five product categories referring to transponders. Other product categories include earth stations (14 types), “military products and systems,” “microwave equipment,” “video processors,” “spectrum analyzers.” The category “remote sensors” lists eight companies, including ITM Systems Inc., in Grants Pass, Oregon, and Satellite Technology Management of Costa Mesa, California. Sixty-five satellite associations are listed from all around the world, such as Aerospace Industries Association, American Astronautical Society, Amsat and several others in the U.S.

Spy satellites were already functioning and violating people’s right to privacy when President Reagan proposed his “Strategic Defense Initiative,” or Star Wars, in the early 80s, long after the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 had demonstrated the military usefulness of satellites. Star Wars was supposed to shield the U.S. from nuclear missiles, but shooting down missiles with satellite lasers proved infeasible, and many scientists and politicians criticized the massive program. Nevertheless, Star Wars gave an enormous boost to surveillance technology and to what may be called “black bag” technology, such as mind reading and lasers that can assault someone, even someone indoors. Aviation Week & Space Technology mentioned in 1984 that “facets of the project [in the Star Wars program] that are being hurried along include the awarding of contracts to study…a surveillance satellite network.” It was bound to be abused, yet no group is fighting to cut back or subject to democratic control this terrifying new technology. As one diplomat to the U.N. remarked, “‘Star Wars’ was not a means of creating heaven on earth, but it could result in hell on earth.”

Satellite Surveillance

The Mind Reading Machines

Note: This is not as strange as it sounds. I saw machines at Teller AF Base that were on peoples heads, (A highly restricted area) and when I ask, I was told they were being programmed. The time to do this I was told, took only 30 minutes. This area was where men and women were trained to be assassins, prostitutes, etc. circa 1982…….Col.


In response to Lingenfelter’s thoughtful article on Mind Control experiments, I would like to submit to you this article I wrote 17 years ago on the mind-reading machines (just think of how much progress we may have made in that time):

COMING – THE MIND READING MACHINES (excerpts) by William Hamilton © 1980

The Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) has spent over $1 million a year under agency contracts at the University of Illinois, UCLA, Stanford, MIT, and the University of Rochester to interpret an individual’s brain waves. At UCLA they are working on the use of the EEG to control machines. It may be only a matter of time before the machines will be able to read a person’s brain waves and determine just what that person is thinking.

At this time it is necessary to use electrodes placed on a person’s head. A small special-purpose computer scans the peaks and valleys of the EEG to determine what the person is concentrating on and what he is ignoring. The computer makes a brain-wave graph which is interpreted by scientists. At MIT, however, scientists are studying magnetic brain waes that can produce graphs much like the electrical brain waves now being measured. Magnetic brain waves can be picked up over a foot away from the subject and amplified as if the brain were a radio transmitter. By the 21st century it may be possible to detect and amplify brain waves over several miles. It is not beyond the imagination to picture globe-encircling satellites that carry on-board mind-reading machines that scan the earth.

Psychologist Dr. Adam V. Reed of Rockefeller University seems to be one man who thinks implanting a computer in the human brain would be a good idea. This, he contends, would make it possible to read other people’s minds. He says, “Once the neural language of human thought and memory has been decoded, it will be possible to program a computer in it and to transfer programs directly to the computer from the appropriate neurons of the human brain. Ideally the computer of the future should be an electronic extension of the natural brain…it should share with the brain the implementation of the informational processes which we think of as our minds. It should also cease to be an external, consciously manipulated artifact and become no different, from the user’s viewpoint than any natural part of his brain. The limiting factor in the development of directly linked computers is likely to be our knowledge of the location of relevant neurons and of the internal code of our minds.”

It is rumored that the Soviets have deciphered “the internal code of our minds.” We know the Soviets have experimented with mind-altering microwaves. A Pentagon agency report said, “Sounds and possibly even words which appear to be originating intracranially can be induced by signal modulation at very low average power densities”, and added that “combinations of frequencies and other signal characteristics to produce other neurological effects may be feasible in several years.” The report said that along with microwave hearing, the Soviets have also studied various changes in body chemistry and functioning of the brain resulting from exposure to microwaves and other frequencies of electromagnetic radiation.

Dr. Jacques Vidal, head of the Brain Computer Interface Project at UCLA is experimenting with man/machine interfaces which can provide a motor link between a person and his surroundings. Noting that some people were becoming concerned with the implications of his experiments, he stated, “One application directly in mind is in the case of cerebral palsy victims, where there is no motor control, but eye control.”

Vidal stressed that the mind-machine link he was talking about was from human to computer and not the other way around.

Dr. Lawrence Pinneo of the Stanford Research Institute has had success with a computer that read his mind. “Basically, the computer works on the principle that thoughts are simply silent words,” he said. The computer relies on brain wave tracings that show distinctive patterns which correlate to individual words, whether spoken or thought.

Pinneo has been conducting experiments in which the subject dons an aviator-type helmet equipped with wires that record brain waves. The thoughts show up on a television screen. If the machine recognizes the word “up” in the subject’s thoughts, it moves a dot up. It moves accordingly for the words down, left, right, slow, fast, stop, and others. The top score for the computer on a single silent word is 75%. The computer is currently very limited in the words it can interpret and Pinneo hopes to bypass the need for filing the whole dictionary in the machine’s memory system by the use of “phonemes”. Phonemes are the smallest units of speech and there are only 46.

The possibilities of the machine’s use “are limited only by imagination.” Because the project is funded by the Pentagon, Pinneo is often asked if the computer might someday be used to control the thoughts of citizens. “The Department of Defense is the only agency in such funding”, he said, “It’s up to the people to be vigilant against misuse.”

Dr. Anlinker with Ames Reseaarch Center in California said research is angled toward “how to tune in on the brain’s secrets” and how to “read the mind”. Dr. Anlinker added: “Could these thought-control processes and mind reading generate a police state? Of course, its possible. But those are things we must live with. Science must progress.”

Dr. J.E. Zimmerman, a physicist at the government’s Bureau of Standards in Boulder, Colorado says that he picks up brain waves without being physically connected to the subject. “A very sensitive meter, placed near the head, detects magnetic emissions from the brain, and this information is fed into computers which analyze the brain wave patterns. It’s quite feasible that this machine can be developed to such a level that it can be used over a distance – without the subject knowing it.”

Despite the good intentions of the various scientists working on these mind-reading experiments, time and again, each have stated that these machines could be misused. Its exciting to think that machines could do our bidding by merely thinking a thought, but then it is somewhat terrifying to think that someone could read our thoughts without our knowledge. Could a computer not only read brain waves, but control brain waves in a neurocybernetic loop? A computer could be programmed to program human behavior and who, ultimately, does that programming?

This article was written from source articles published in the L.A. Times and Computerworld sometime in 1979.

Bill Hamilton
Executive Director

Patent For Microwave Voice-To-Skull Technology


Patent For Microwave Voice-To-Skull Technology
United States Patent 4,877,027 Brunkan October 31, 1989
Hearing System
Sound is induced in the head of a person by radiating the head with microwaves in the range of 100 megahertz to 10,000 megahertz that are modulated with a particular waveform. The waveform consists of frequency modulated bursts. Each burst is made up of ten to twenty uniformly spaced pulses grouped tightly together. The burst width is between 500 nanoseconds and 100 microseconds. The pulse width is in the range of 10 nanoseconds to 1 microsecond. The bursts are frequency modulated by the audio input to create the sensation of hearing in the person whose head is irradiated.
Inventors: Brunkan; Wayne B. (P.O. Box 2411, Goleta, CA 93118) Appl. No.: 202679 Filed: June 6, 1988
Current U.S. Class: 607/56 Intern’l Class: A61N 005/00 Field of Search: 128/420.5,804,419 R,421,422,746 381/68
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Primary Examiner: Cohen; Lee S.
Attorney, Agent or Firm: Brelsford; Harry W.
I claim:
1. Apparatus for creating human hearing comprising:
(a) an audio source for creating electrical audio waves having positive peaks;
(b) a frequency modulator generator connected to the audio source to create frequency modulated bursts;
(c) a source of constant voltage to create a voltage standard that is in the range of 25% to 85% of the peak voltage of the audio waves;
(d) a comparator connected to the voltage source and the audio source to compare the instantaneous voltage of the waves from the audio source with the voltage standard;
(e) a connection of the comparator to the frequency modulator generator to activate the frequency modulator generator when the instantaneous voltage of the audio wave exceeds the standard voltage;
(f) a microwave generator creating microwaves in the range of 100 megahertz to 10,000 megahertz and connected to the frequency modulator generator, generating microwaves only when pulsed by the frequency modulator generator; and
(g) an antenna connected to the microwave generator to radiate the head of a human being to produce the sounds of the audio source.
2. Apparatus as set forth in claim 1 wherein the frequency generating range of the frequency modulator generator is 1 Khz to 100 KHz for bursts and 100 KHz to 20 MHZ for pulses within a burst.
3. Apparatus as set forth in claim 1 wherein the frequency generating range of the frequency modulator generator is one Khz to 100 KHz for bursts and 100 KHz to 20 MHZ for pulses within a burst and the duration of each pulse of the frequency modulator generator is in the range of 10 nanoseconds to 1 microsecond.
4. Apparatus as set forth in claim 1 wherein the voltage standard is approximately 50% of the peak of the audio waves.
5. Apparatus as set forth in claim 1 wherein the antenna is of the type that projects the microwaves in space to the head of a person.
6. Apparatus for creating human hearing comprising:
(a) an oscillator creating an electromagnetic carrier wave at a selected frequency in the range of 100 Mhz to 10,000 Mhz;
(b) a pulse generator connected to said oscillator to pulse the carrier with pulses having a width in the range of 10 nanoseconds to 1 microsecond with a minimum spacing between pulses of about 25 nanoseconds;
(c) a frequency modulator connected to the pulse generator;
(d) an audio signal generator connected to the modulator which modulates the pulses in accordance with the audio signal; and
(e) a transmitting antenna connected to the oscillator to transmit the carrier wave as thus modified to project the electromagnetic energy through space to the head of a person.
7. Apparatus as set forth in claim 6 wherein the modulator is a frequency modulator to vary the density of bursts within an audio envelope as a function of the audio amplitude.
8. The method of irradiating a person’s head to produce sound in the head of the person comprising
(a) irridiating the head of a person with microwaves in the range of 100 Mhz to 10,000 Mhz;
(b) pulsing said microwaves with pulses in the range of 10 nanoseconds to 1 microsecond; and
(c) frequency modulating groups of pulses called bursts by audio waves wherein the modulation extends from 1 Khz to 100 Khz.
This invention relates to a hearing system for human beings in which high frequency electromagnetic energy is projected through the air to the head of a human being and the electromagnetic energy is modulated to create signals that can be discerned by the human being regardless of the hearing ability of the person.
Various types of apparatus and modes of application have been proposed and tried to inject intelligible sounds into the heads of human beings. Some of these have been devised to simulate speech and other sounds in deaf persons and other systems have been used to inject intelligible signals in persons of good hearing, but bypassing the normal human hearing organs.
U.S. Pat. No. 3,629,521 issued Dec. 21, 1971 describes the use of a pair of electrodes applied to a person’s head to inject speech into the head of a deaf person. An oscillator creates a carrier in the range of 18 to 36 KHz that is amplitude modulated by a microphone.
Science magazine volume 181, page 356 describes a hearing system utilizing a radio frequency carrier of 1.245 GHz delivered through the air by means of a waveguide and horn antenna. The carrier was pulsed at the rate of 50 pulses per second. The human test subject reported a buzzing sound and the intensity varied with the peak power.
Similar methods of creating “clicks” inside the human head are reported in I.E.E.E. Transactions of Biomedical Engineering, volume BME 25, No. 3, May 1978.
The transmission of intelligible speech by audio modulated Microwave is described in the book Microwave Auditory Effects and Applications by James C. Lin 1978 publisher Charles C. Thomas.
I have discovered that a pulsed signal on a radio frequency carrier of about 1,000 megahertz (1000 MHz) is effective in creating intelligible signals inside the head of a person if this electromagnetic (EM) energy is projected through the air to the head of the person. Intelligible signals are applied to the carrier by microphone or other audio source and I cause the bursts to be frequency modulated. The bursts are composed of a group of pulses. The pulses are carefully selected for peak strength and pulse width. Various objects, advantages and features of the invention will be apparent in the specification and claims.
In the drawings forming an integral part of this specification:
FIG. 1 is a block diagram of the system of the invention.
FIG. 2 is a diagram of an audio wave which is the input to be perceived by the recipient.
FIG. 3 is a diagram on the same time coordinate as FIG. 2 showing bursts that are frequency modulated by the wave form of FIG. 2.
FIG. 4 shows, on an enlarged time coordinate, that each vertical line depicted in FIG. 3 is a burst of pulses. (A burst is a group of pulses).
FIG. 5 shows, on a further enlarged time coordinate, a single continues pulse, Depicted as a vertical line in FIG. 4.
Inasmuch as microwaves can damage human tissue, any projected energy must be carefully regulated to stay within safe limits. The guideline for 1,000 MHz, set by the American Standards Institute, is 3.3 mw/cm2 (3.3 milliwatts per square centimeter). The apparatus described herein must be regulated to stay within this upper limit.
Referring to FIG. 1 a microphone 10 or other generator of audio frequencies, delivers its output by wire 11 to an FM capable pulse generator 12 and by branch wire 13 to a comparator 14. The comparator 14 also receives a signal from a voltage standard 16. When the peak voltage of the audio generator 10 falls below the standard 16 the comparator delivers a signal by wire 17 to the FM capable pulse generator 12 to shut down the pulse generator 12. This avoids spurious signals being generated. The output of the FM pulse generator 12 is delivered by wire 18 to a microwave generator 19 which delivers its output to the head of a human being 23. In this fashion the person 23 is radiated with microwaves that are in short bursts.
The microwave generator 19 operates at a steady frequency presently preferred at 1,000 megahertz (1,000 million). I presently prefer to pulse the microwave energy at pulse widths of 10 nanoseconds to 1 microsecond. For any one setting of the FM capable generator 12, this width is fixed. The pulses are arranged in bursts. The timing between bursts is controlled by the height of the audio envelope above the voltage standard line. In addition the bursts are spaced from one another at a non-uniform rate of 1 to 100 KHz. This non-uniform spacing of bursts is created in the FM capable generator 12.
Referring to FIG. 2 there is illustrated an audio wave 27 generated by the audio input 10 wherein the horizontal axis is time and the vertical axis is voltage. For illustrative purposes the wave 27 is shown as having a voltage peak 28 on the left part of FIG. 2 and a voltage peak 29 of the right side of FIG. 2. The voltage standard 16 of FIG. 1 generates a dc voltage designated at 31 in FIG. 2. This standard voltage is preferably at about 50% of the peak voltage 28. The comparator 14 of FIG. 1 actuates the FM capable generator 12 only when the positive envelope of the audio wave 27 exceeds the voltage standard. The negative portions of the audio wave are not utilized.
Referring now to FIG. 3 there is illustrated two groups of bursts of microwave energy that are delivered by the antenna 22 of FIG. 1 to the head of the person 23. FIG. 3 has a horizontal time axis identical to the time axis of FIG. 2 and has a vertical axis that in this case represents the power of the microwaves from generator 19. At the left part of FIG. 3 are a plurality of microwave bursts 32 that occur on the time axis from the point of intersection of the standard voltage 31 with the positive part of the audio wave 27, designated as the time point 33 to time point 34 on FIG. 2. It will be noted in FIG. 3 that the bursts 32 are non-uniform in spacing and that they are closer together at the time of maximum audio voltage 28 and are more spread out toward the time points 33 and 34. This is the frequency modulation effected by the FM pulse generator 12.
Referring to the right part of FIG. 3 there are a plurality of microwave bursts 36 that are fewer in number and over a shorter time period than the pulses 32. These extend on the time axis of FIG. 2 from point 37 to point 38. These bursts 36 are also frequency modulated with the closest groupings appearing opposite peak 29 of FIG. 2 and greater spacing near time points 37 and 38.
Referring now to FIG. 4 there is illustrated the fact that a single burst shown as straight lines 32 or 36 on FIG. 3 are made up of ten to twenty separate microwave pulses. The duration of the burst is between 500 nanoseconds and 100 microseconds, with an optimum of 2 microseconds. The duration of each pulse within the burst is 10 nanoseconds to 1 microsecond and a time duration of 100 nanoseconds is preferred. The bursts 32 of FIG. 3 are spaced non-uniformly from each other caused by the frequency modulation of 12. FIG. 4 depicts a burst. Each vertical line 40 in FIG. 4 represents a single pulse. Each pulse is represented by the envelope 41 of FIG. 5. The pulses within a burst are spaced uniformly from eachother. The spacing between pulses may vary from 5 nanoseconds to 10 microseconds.
Referring now to FIG. 3, the concentration of bursts 32 opposite the peak 28 of FIG. 2 can be expressed as a frequency of repetition. I presently prefer to adjust the FM capable generator 12 to have a maximum frequency of repetition in the range of 25 Khz to 100 Khz. I deliberately keep this range low to reduce the amount of heating caused by the microwaves. The wider spacing of the pulses 32 opposite the cutoff points 33 and 34 of FIG. 2 can also be expressed as a frequency of reptition and I presently prefer a minimum repetition rate of 1 KHz. I find that this low repetition rate, altnough in the audio range, does not disrupt the transmission of auoio intelligence to the person 23. The aim, again, is to reduce the amount of heat transmitted to the subject 23.
Referring to FIG. 1, the intelligence to be perceived by the person 23 is introduced at the audio source 10 which may be a microphone for voice, or a tape player for music, instruction, etc. This audio signal is transmitted to the FM capable generator 12 and to the comparator 14. The comparator 14 compares the positive portions of the audio wave with voltage from the voltage standard 16 and when the audio wave instantaneously exceeds the standard voltage, the FM generator is actuated by the wire 17 connecting the comparator 14 and the FM generator 12. The FM generator 12 then sends a plurality of signals to the microwave generator 19 at each peak of the audio wave above the voltage standard.
This is shown graphically in FIGS. 2-5. The audio signal 27 of FIG. 2 exceeds the standard voltage 31 at point 33 whereupon the FM generator 12 starts emitting burst signals 32 at its lowest frequency of about 1 Khz. As time progresses past point 33 the voltage above the standard increases and the FM generator 12 responds by making the burst signals closer together until at peak 28 the maximum density of burst signals 32 is achieved, for example at a frequency of 50 Khz. The time duration of each pulse 40 (FIG. 4) is also controlled by a fixed adjustment of the FM generator 12 and for example the duration may be 100 nanoseconds.
The frequency modulated burst signals are delivered by FM generator 12 to the microwave generator as interrupted dc and the microwave generator is turned on in response to each pulse 40 and its output is delivered by coaxial cable 21 to the parabolic antenna 22 to project microwaves onto the head of a person 23. These microwaves penetrate the brain enough so that the electrical activity inside of the brain produces the sensation of sound. When the parameters are adjusted for the particular individual, he perceives intelligible audio, entirely independently of his external hearlng organs.
As mentioned previously, I prefer rhat the standard voltage 31 of FIG. 2 be about 50% of peak audio voltage. This not only helps to reduce heating in the person 2 but also reduces spurious audio. This 50% is not vital and the useful range is 25% to 85% of peak audio.
The minimum burst repetition frequency (for example at time points 33 and 34) is preferably 1 KHz and the maximum repetition frequency is in the range of 25 KHz to 100 KHz, with the lower frequencies resulting in less heating.
The time duration of each individual pulse of microwave radiation is in the range of 10 nanoseconds to 1 microsecond as indicated in FIG. 5, with the shorter time periods resulting in less heating.
As stated above, I maintain the power output of the parabolic antenna 22 within the present safe standard of 3.3 mw/cm2 (3.3 milliwatts per square centimeter). I control the power output by controlling the strengtn of the audio modulation. This results in a duty cycle of 0.005, the decimal measure of the time in any second that the transmitter is on full power. The peak power level can be between 500 mw and 5 w and at 0.005 duty cycle these peaks will result in an average power of 2.5 mw and 25 mw respectively. However, these values are further reduced by adjusting the audio modulation so that zero input produces a zero output. Since a voice signal, for example, is at maximum amplitude only a small fraction of the rime, the average power will be below the 3.3 mw/cm2 standard, even with 5 watts peak power.
I have not been able to experiment to determine how my microwave system works, but from my interpretation of prior work done in this field I believe that the process is as follows. Any group of bursts related to the audio ek 28 of FIG. 2 causes an increasing ultrasonic build up within the head of a human being starting with a low level for the first bursts pulses and building up to a high level with the last bursts pulses of a group. This buildup, I believe, causes the direct discharge of random brain neurons. These discharges at audio frequency create a perception of sound. This process, I believe, bypasses the normal hearing organs and can create sound in a person who is nerve-dead deaf. However, this theory of operation is only my guess and may prove to be in error in the future.
The apparatus of FIG. 1 for carrying out my invention may include as a microwave generator Model PH40K of Applied Microwave Laboratories and described as Signal Source. The cable 21 connecting the microwave generator 19 and the antenna is RG8 coaxial cable by Belden Industries. The antenna 22 may be a standard parabolic antenna. The FM generator 12 has to be specially built to include the spacing runction which is obtained by a frequency generator built into a srandard FM generator.
I have described my invention witn respect to a presently preferred embodiment as required by the patent statutes. It will be apparent to those skilled in the technology that many variations, modification and additions can be made. All such variations, modifications and additions that come within the true spirit and scope of the invention are included in the claims.
/4877027&RS=PN/4877027 ( 1 of 1 )

evilvision: The Worlds New Wireless Grid

Including Pertinent History and First Ever Public Discussion of Active Auroral Behavior Modification and Surveillance Technologies.

Copyright William J. (Bill) Gallagher
Post Office Box 125
Hachita, NM 88040

5600 Words

Chapter 9
Literal Electronic Mind Control: The Real Thing

“Reagan was fading throughout his eight-year presidency, and the decline began with the assassination attempt in 1981, Reagan’s first year in office. His thoughts became slower, his speech became slower, he deliberated more, he hesitated more when he spoke…He lost his quickness. And for the rest of his presidency it was a very, very slow and steady mental and physical decline.”
Edmund Morris
Author of: Dutch: A Memoir of Ronald Reagan

“The empires of the future are the empires of the mind.”
Winston Churchill

“…Some may scoff at electronic mind control, but I tell you, it is just the logical extension of concerted and well financed programs that’ve been going on now for a century or more…it is not even a culmination, this, it is just another step in your forced becoming, your becoming of something inhuman…the perfect slave. Count the antennae! Look around yourselves…and as Mr. T has been know to say: READ Fool! Read as if your very lives depended on it. Because whether you know it or not, they do…”

Lucky, The Boy Genius

Invisible Secrecy

The ability to cause pain or discomfort via long range electronic procedure must be considered a true form of mind control. When gastric distress, acute tooth pain, chronic fatigue, chronic insomnia, and much much more can be induced from a distance, an attacker would then be capable of causing a great amount of predictable behavior among subjects, and the attacker would also be relatively secure from discovery, because many if not most people bear their pain quietly, and are therefore unable to discern patterns between themselves and their neighbors.

Exotic mind control schemes involving voice to skull suggestion, machine-to-mind communication, and the like, are not really necessary, although, as mentioned earlier, the evidence definitely points to a lot of money being spent on experimental programs along those lines. (1) It is thought that the more esoteric methods were attempted first, in a kind of hit and miss experimentation, before it was discovered just how easy it is to cause pain electronically, and how effective that pain is as mind control, especially when used in conjunction with other aspects of the overall arsenal.

This overall arsenal encompasses much, and is described very generically by the military as Non-Lethal Weaponry. Most forms of energy (Radiant) technology, nanotechnology, biotechnology, and more, which are deployed by antennae, handheld apparatus (Drive By, Walk By, Neighbors), drones or other aircraft, active auroral plasmas and satellites, all fall within that category of Non-Lethal Weapons. This has allowed a great deal of unauthorized and illegal experimentation on unwitting populations who believe the government is actually concerned about their health.

It must be noted that healthcare and especially dental care is noticeably absent in America, except for the upper classes, or government employees. Even many corporate employees are made to go without health/dental maintenance because of their low pay and skyrocketing costs of the care. Many corporations do not supply decent benefits programs, doing everything possible to avoid those costs while lining the pockets of their CEO’s with many millions of dollars per year in salary and benefits. Many corporations have also adopted schemes of part-time hiring, to avoid the full time status which requires minimum benefits be paid to employees.

Neglect of populace health through economic repression and tyranny, as a means to attack the populace at large must not be ignored, and it has been going on for quite some time. In a society that spouts a creed of capitalism, there are too many laws and taxes restricting commerce for that to be really true. Anything, including some plants, that compete with the profits of special interests like pharmaceuticals and petroleum in this country get firmly trounced with legislation. The economics of America are basically a feudal futilism, and vice versa. The situation has become like this in the last 100 years or so. To see who is responsible for all that, take another look at the 911 perpe-traitors list in chapter 2, which is not an all-inclusive list, but will give the reader an excellent platform from which to begin further research concerning the economic overthrow of what was once a free country.

The inability to afford healthcare plays well into the broadcast pain-as-mind-control scenario. Also, recent injuries like broken bones, or gunshot wounds, can be attacked with so-called Non-Lethal Weaponry, so that the injury will not heal, and will become infected easily, sometimes actually resulting in death. So much for Non-Lethality. A subject under attack in this manner will notice a marked increase in their ability to heal once they leave the area of DEW attack, which is most likely their home base. Many non-lethal weapons, especially beams and directional fields, are installed to operate 24-7, in a low grade debilitation which the subject is unaware of, and unable to escape from. The reasons for quick healing when they leave the area of attack will usually not be noted by them except in passing, and will be rationalized in other ways, which, again, is the main strong point of directed energy/non lethal weaponry; invisibility, and an almost perfect deniability.

There are known cases where several different types of electronic coercion are used in conjunction with one another: sleep deprivation, another condition fairly easy to induce with broadcast electronics, is very useful in conditioning a subject for a variety of other electronic mind control treatments. Electrogastrographic effects are also easily induced electronically from long range, and very effective too. Shutting down a subjects ability to eliminate waste (2) creates great physical and mental anguish, and intensifies biological illnesses of all types too, which can then be used with electronic weaponry to create yet more predictable behaviors.

Once pain or discomfort of any given type can be created in a subject at varying levels, a literal spectrum of predictable behavior manifests. These operations are well studied and profiles exist which are very much akin to psychological profiles; expected behavior in relation to personality type, body type, and the electronic coercion/energy levels employed, are known and heavily employed, especially concerning active auroral technologies; the effects of auroral plasma energies on individuals or groups of people, which may include whole cities, have been obtained through heavy experimentation in the last ten years. Where power was lacking in certain techniques of the past, active-auroral technologies overcome that, and in a big way. Sleep deprivation alone, which is an old and time honored mind-control/torture tactic creates many predictable behaviors, which can then be used as one step in an overall debilitation, an actual downward spiraling of a subjects mental condition.

The above description of mind control is further amplified in that a lot of the modern Active Auroral technology employs high power electronic fields which can view a persons body in its entirety and in at least 3 dimensions — long range sonagram-like imagery using ultrasound, CAT scans, EEG, and more: call it doctoring from afar; this is a Nazi dream from long ago, now well developed, and the humans of the early 21st century are the test subjects. A very potent and distinct part of this doctoring, or torture from afar, is used to locate and aggravate old injuries, and to locate other weak points in a biological system, such as bad teeth. Overall a very effective way to cause varying degrees of pain and discomfort.

Because the majority of the radiant arsenal is invisible to the naked eye, this creates an almost perfect nonaccountability. Many people have discounted its effects until faced with the facts. A large number within the citizenry have experienced symptoms out of the ordinary in the last 8 or 10 years, and are able to make valid and true connections concerning their health once the scientific information is made available. This aura of secrecy and denial that surrounds the deployment and use of these technologies is another indicator that the science is weaponized, and those weapons are being used for purposes involving many people, to whom the government does not care to make explanation.

The weak point in electronic coercion of all types can be exploited by simply knowing there are operations being used to alter the way people think and act. Once this knowledge makes it out into the open, hitherto inexplicable characteristics and dis-eases become easily explainable, and the coercive effects are lessened in direct proportion to ones knowledge of being manipulated.

Artificial Telepathy

A lot of the earliest experimentations in mind control possessed what can only be called magical aspects, in the sense that the perpetrators were attempting things with their fingers crossed, hoping they could beam thoughts into people heads, or overtake a persons body with radio waves. When this failed to work like magic, people like Jose Delgado began his ghoulish experiments of actually implanting probes in monkeys brains, to see how they could be effected by wireless energy when implanted thus. Implants definitely increase the value of mind control via broadcast energy, which is why research veered off in that direction. It has been shown that even two wires, anywhere in a persons body, can be played like a musical instrument to cause subliminal, opposing, or resonant effects, creating a broad range of predictable behaviors. These wires can be ingested in food, or actually sprayed via aerosols, because they do not have to be large, just metallic. The patent concerning evocation of sensory responses through thermal and other frequency stimuli, which was noted earlier and exists in its entirety as appendix M (United States Patent,5,800,481-Loos- September 1, 1998 Thermal excitation of sensory resonances) could easily become an example of this type of mind control.

Many biotechnological (Biotech) organisms have been weaponized, and that includes cancers of many types, most notably skin cancers. These too are excitable with broadcast or beam energy weapons, causing much greater growth and pain in the sore or wound, very much akin to the heat patch mentioned in the patent above. Overall a bad skin cancer will make any subject much more sensitive to all kinds of broadcast energy. Some funguses act with severity and accelerated growth in the presence of wireless energies, as well as biological plasmas, such as the armies weaponized mycoplasma (Appendix N). The term molecular terrorism has been used to describe the mycoplasma weapons patented by the United States military, and that is an apt description, going hand in hand with the PNAC/Rebuilding Americas Defense report claiming microbes should be considered a viable political tool. Scott Shanes article “Buried Secrets Of Biowarfare” for the Baltimore Sun, August 1, 2004, covers some history of microbes as political tools:

During the Cold War, top Army scientists toiled stealthily in rural Maryland to make covert weapons coveted by new enemies. For years, in total secrecy, they studied the black art of bioterrorism. They designed deadly, silent biological dart guns and hid them in fountain pens and walking sticks. They crunched lethal bacteria into suit buttons that could be worn unnoticed across borders. They rigged light fixtures and car tailpipes to loose an invisible spray of anthrax. They practiced germ attacks in airports and on the New York subway, tracking air currents and calculating the potential death toll. But they weren’t a band of al-Qaida fanatics — or enemies of any kind. They were biowarriors in the U.S. Army’s Special Operations Division at Fort Detrick. From 1949 to 1969, at the jittery height of the Cold War, the division tested the nation’s vulnerability to covert germ warfare — and devised weapons for secret biological attacks if the United States chose to mount them. A few years ago, its story — never before told in detail — would have seemed a macabre footnote to U.S. history…after the Sept. 11 attacks, the anthrax mailings and a steady stream of government warnings on terrorism, the fears of the 1950s have returned — and the experiments of Fort Detrick’s covert bioweapons makers suddenly resonate in a new era. In the biological realm, there is little that any terrorist group could concoct that Fort Detrick’s “dirty tricks department,” as veterans call it, didn’t think up decades ago. But because of the division’s scant record keeping and the fast-disappearing
ranks of its aged scientist-warriors, the knowledge it acquired is being lost to history. One of the few survivors is Wallace Pannier, 76, who remembers standing in a Frederick County field watching sheep shot with what the Army called a “nondiscernible bioinoculator” — a dart gun. The bosses demanded a dart so fine that it could penetrate clothing and skin unnoticed, then dissolve, leaving no trace in an autopsy…”

Delivery and concoction, both, have made great progress since then, rest assured. Not only are biotechnological weapons being deployed across vast areas in America during tests, but implanted technology at the nano level is either here now, or right around the corner. Morgellons disease seems to be the result of some of this experimentation. (4) But Wait. There is more!

The use of biologicals as implanted coercion is coming into more common usage, thats for sure. These biologicals make a subject much more sensitive to broadcast energys, ie. Directed Energy Weapons. There are also the old standby electronic implants, and these are actually well developed and much more sophisticated now. It is very possible, nay, probable, that these advanced implants are beginning to accomplish a lot of the earlier yearned-for types of mind control, i.e. speech to brain, machine to brain, and even motor control of far away subjects. It is not possible to cover even a minute portion of the inroads made concerning the many electronic forms of mind control, or even the biotech/nanotech state of the art. Consult the appendices for some in depth information to use in further searches pertaining to mind control technology, while remembering all the while that whatever you see, is just the unclassified minimum.

The Human Antennae

Another factor of mind control which became apparent in hindsight has to do with the actual form of the human body. In many ways, humans are antennae unto themselves. There is radiation in very small amounts always going outward, most of which is heat. Reception is the main property of the bodily antenna though; being mostly composed of water facilitates this, and a lot of that water is electrolytic in nature. Reception of wireless energy is always occurring as far as the human body is concerned, especially through the spinal column, which everyone knows is directly attached to the brain. The spinal cord itself is considered by many to be a part of the brain, in that the two systems together form a singular entity by which the rest of the organism senses its environment.

This Body-As-Antenna is an important concept, because one of the main forms of non-intrusive/non-invasive electronic mind control is called entrainment. Entrainment takes advantage of the fact that over a period of time the human body, through its attributes as an antenna, will pick up and adapt itself to over-riding frequencies around it, to frequencies that remain constant for periods of time, and are of a certain magnitude, which means of a certain level of power. This is how a lot of the body came to operate at or near the atmospheric song called the Schumann Resonance, as partially explained earlier. The Schumann Resonance, a product of lightening in the atmosphere, was discovered in 1957 by German physicist W. O. Schumann, while he was doing some work for the navy, and it was named in his honor. The dominant frequency of the Schumann Resonance just happens to be very close to the resonant frequency of the human brain.

Over many many thousands of years lightening had created a standing wave energy resonance between the ionosphere and the ground. Imagine a bell perpetually ringing because it is struck ever so often (Lightening) to maintain its sound. This resonant energy in the Earths ionospheric shell was constantly being maintained every time lightening occurred, which, globally, is many times a minute, and the main frequency of this resonance, this atmospheric bell, was around 7.8 hertz. The term “was” is being used in the last few sentences because the resonance of our environment has been drastically altered and continually fluctuates now because of the maniacal experimentation during the last decades, and may never be the same again.

Some perceive this in itself as a long-term directed energy weapons attack being inflicted on the entire human race, and that certainly looks to be about it. Mass torture forever and ever. Some of the science behind these happenstance was covered in the previous chapters, and can be researched as far as the reader wishes to go.

The propensity of the human body, via the spine and brain, to tune itself to new energies which are of large enough magnitude to override other, natural resonances, is called Entrainment. Entrainment is a natural adjustment mechanism of the body which can be utilized nefariously in numerous forms of mental coercion where ELF and even ULF frequencies inundate the environment. In some cases, states of consciousness can be carried along with some high amplitude low frequency energies so that behavior is altered, and that alteration is calculable. Measurements taken from a volunteers brain when undergoing various states of consciousness, such as sedation, or fear, or anxiety, can then be broadcast in such a manner as to induce those exact same states in whole populations. Any implants or metallic conditionings which that population has previously acquired will of course strengthen those effects.

From Russia With…

One should always remember Russia’s interest and exposure to the work of Nikola Tesla. This appears to have occurred well before American interest manifested, except as communication and entertainment. Many people, including this author, believe that Russia actually won the Cold War, and Americas so-called victory was really a resounding defeat, made all the more effective because America never realized they were being schnookered. The attack has now become unrelenting, and in fact has gained new intensity. In reality this coup de grace was accomplished by the appointees in Americas government, the mislabeled “Elected Officials” who no longer serve American interests, and have not for quite some time.

Thus began the era of psychotronics in the U.S.A., and it has expanded exponentially, and is now inescapable. Any odd phenomena noticed by the well distracted and pain addled American populace is explained away as rainmaking, needed to alleviate drought, though most people here have been dumbed down below the ability to understand even the rudimentary science behind ENMOD, or to understand that said drought was actually just another attack by Russia on America, from across the world, using broadcast energies of the Tesla Magnifying Transmitter, whose latest incarnation is known as HAARP. For a little background on the Russian interest, development, and deployment of wireless weaponry, review the excerpts below:

Prepared for the US military publication Parameters, subtitled “US Army War College Quarterly.” The publication describes itself as “The United States Army’s Senior Professional Journal.” In his article “The Mind Has No Firewall”, Timothy L. Thomas states:

“An entirely new arsenal of weapons, based on devices designed to introduce subliminal messages or to alter the body’s psychological and data-processing capabilities, might be used to incapacitate individuals. These weapons aim to control or alter the psyche, or to attack the various sensory and data-processing systems of the human organism. In both cases, the goal is to confuse or destroy the signals that normally keep the body in equilibrium, to wit: Russian Views on “Psychotronic War”:
The term “psycho-terrorism” was coined by Russian writer N. Anisimov of the Moscow Anti-Psychotronic Center. According to Anisimov, psychotronic weapons are those that act to “take away a part of the information which is stored in a man’s brain. It is sent to a computer, which reworks it to the level needed for those who need to control the man, and the modified information is then reinserted into the brain.” These weapons are used against the mind to induce hallucinations, sickness, mutations in human cells, “zombification,” or even death. Included in the arsenal are VHF generators, X-rays, ultrasound, and radio waves. Russian army Major I. Chernishev, writing in the military journal Orienteer in February 1997, asserted that “psy” weapons are under development all over the globe. Specific types of weapons noted by Chernishev (not all of which have prototypes) were: A psychotronic generator, which produces a powerful electromagnetic emanation capable of being sent through telephone lines, TV, radio networks, supply pipes, and incandescent lamps….An autonomous generator, a device that operates in the 10-150 Hertz band, which at the 10-20 Hertz band forms an infrasonic oscillation that is destructive to all living creatures….A nervous system generator, designed to paralyze the central nervous systems of insects, which could have the same applicability to humans….Ultrasound emanations, which one institute claims to have developed. Devices using ultrasound emanations are supposedly capable of carrying out bloodless internal operations without leaving a mark on the skin. They can also, according to Chernishev, be used to kill….Noiseless cassettes. Chernishev claims that the Japanese have developed the ability to place infra-low frequency voice patterns over music, patterns that are detected by the subconscious. Russians claim to be using similar “bombardments” with computer programming to treat alcoholism or smoking….The 25th-frame effect, alluded to above, a technique wherein each 25th frame of a movie reel or film footage contains a message that is picked up by the subconscious. This technique, if it works, could possibly be used to curb smoking and alcoholism, but it has wider, more sinister applications if used on a TV audience or a computer operator… Psychotropics, defined as medical preparations used to induce a trance, euphoria, or depression. Referred to as “slow-acting mines,” they could be slipped into the food of a politician or into the water supply of an entire city. Symptoms include headaches, noises, voices or commands in the brain, dizziness, pain in the abdominal cavities, cardiac arrhythmia, or even the destruction of the cardiovascular system….There is confirmation from US researchers that this type of study is going on. Dr. Janet Morris, coauthor of The Warrior’s Edge, reportedly went to the Moscow Institute of Psycho-corrections in 1991. There she was shown a technique pioneered by the Russian Department of Psycho-Correction at Moscow Medical Academy in which researchers electronically analyze the human mind in order to influence it. They input subliminal command messages, using key words transmitted in “white noise” or music. Using an infra-sound, very low frequency transmission, the acoustic psycho-correction message is transmitted via bone conduction…”

And also, from the book Psychotronic Golgotha itself, by N.I. Anisimov, 1999:

After the fall of fascist Germany, the scientific research in the area of the creation of psycho-technological weapons fell into the hands of the Soviet military and the Chekists, and they gave a significant push to the creation of national psychotronic weapons…
At the end of 50 years, contemporary national psychotronic weapons emerged from the laboratories of the secret NII and began to appear in the arsenals of the secret service and the military. At the same time, in the “List of Knowledge Prohibited from Publication,” the point was introduced regarding the prohibition of the open publication of material about technical devices intended for influencing of the behavioral functions of a person and about the possibility of controlling the behavior of a person. At the end of 70 years, psychotronic weapons started to come off the conveyors of assembly lines of secret factories to be used against the population on a mass scale. At the end of 80 years, the first rights-defense movement in the country came to be created, leading to the uneven struggle against the monstrous criminals of the century…”

The above two sources cite likely time frames, and weaponry developed during them, which definitely dovetails with what is known concerning Russian interest and development of broadcast coercion. The fact that these were all well in place within Russia prior to its supposed break up, to then be deployed here in full force and with great alacrity, does not bode well for the American people. All the dissembling, denial, and smoke that accompanies queries for details about this technology, requires the discerning reader to review the past record of government lies in the name of secrecy and security, then reassess/re-evaluate these cover stories concerning ENMOD, and decide for themselves what is really happening to them and their children.

Auroral Constitution

Many observers of Active Auroral energy operations have noted certain unnatural but recurring forms of plasma, and it is good to make note of these, so that an observer may be able to put two and two together, as it were, perhaps making links between things they are experiencing healthwise, and the active plasmas in the sky.

This little chore has been made easier for us, in that some of these auroral forms have become pictured on postage stamps which appeared early in the appointees reign, and are affectionately known as the “Chemtrail” stamps among ENMOD activists in America. Also pertinent in this occurrence was the graphic illustration of a classic government misinformation campaign to introduce and acclimate people to accept irregularities as normal, because “The government said so…”

Also remember that even though certain cloud types such as Mammatus (Named for their resemblance to pendulous or full female breasts) were known prior to ENMOD, they were rare, occurring only in very odd and special circumstances. Now they have become Electro-Mammatus, and are much more common, because they are a tell tale artifact of a phased array antennae operation which is used to manipulate the vapor stream in hydrodynamic process.

Perhaps the most indicative cloud form an observer will note is one which resembles nothing so much as a washboard, or fishbone design. These are called undulatus, and they only occurred in very rare circumstances before the ENMOD program, but are everywhere these days, and are also artifacts of active auroral technologies. These are active auroras par excellence, the next generation, and are correctly termed Electro-Undulatus. (Altocumulus electro-undulatus, Altostratus electro-undulatus). When small and isolated they are probable artifacts of endothermic imaging, or advanced tomographical imaging. When large and well defined, forming very quickly (5-15 minutes) dissipating quickly (1 Hour or less), are artifacts of phased array EM blast used to move portions of atmosphere en masse. Gastrointestinal distress, anxiety. Occasional sharp Temperature Drops.

Castellanus (Altocumulus castellanus) as Electro-Castellanus form distinct and odd looking chevrons in rows. Like the letter V on its side, all in rows, or one side puffy, the other wispy, and geometrically similar beyond normality.

There is one unnamed type of cloud formation/electronic artifact (Antennae-Satellite) which is a nearly perfect shape of the Eye Of Horus, from egyptian hieroglyphics and art. It is thought that latter is actually an endothermic surveillance artifact, and if one looks for these, one will surely see. This author has always watched the weather due to outdoor interests such as fishing and surfing, and some of these formations are BRAND new, and strictly electro-forms.

Watch for puff balls that dissipate rather quickly, in random but closely gathered design, as if an updraft disintegrated a cloud above, sometimes the puffballs are large, some are small, but within each event they will generally be of the same type and size: those are possible/probable artifacts of a tectonic ultrasound event.

Cirrostratus fibratus are true active auroral plasmas which will manifest during most chemical spraying operations. They appear as tendril-like formations reaching out, sometimes roughly resembling hands or fingers. These are capable of producing large amounts of ground radiation in some circumstances. They have also been noted during many tectonic ultrasound events where endothermic (Artificial Freezing) reactions were noted. Many notice a massive rise in temperature when induced immediately after a chemical spraying. These seem to be antennae artifacts.

Flat gray featureless canopies have been noted by many observers, and are tentatively named Full Broadcast Canopies. These definitely possess artificial aspects; they are a perfect uniform ceiling over the subject area, and will trap electric fields or other broadcast energy within their shell. Said energy can and is created by phased array antennae, solar power (Above the canopy) and satellite. Other names for this occurrence are Tesla Dome, or Dirac Shell. Noted symptoms accompanying these are drowsiness, and gastrointestinal distress.

Straight sprayed lines in rows, curves, or other geometrical shapes are of course grids and ducting for massive broadcast energies prior to forming/spreading into thin but more comprehesive active auroral types.

Many animals and pets are highly sensitive to these operations, and a lot can be seen by observing their reactions in relation to obvious active auroral energy plasmas overhead or in the near vicinity. One final trait to look for if you suspect you are in a field or being used in other experiments is larger than normal sparks produced through friction. When one sees these, one generally knows the difference between them and normal friction sparks. Bolts of miniature lightening from fingertips to nearby metal are disconcerting, and can be dangerous in fueling operations or where other flammables are present. FYI.

Many of the detriments caused by active auroral operations are what most people consider personal problems, making discussion usually nonexistent. If people took the time to compare physical symptoms, they would be very surprised, that’s guaranteed. Much would be revealed concerning their personal symptoms in relation to those of their neighbors, and with the atmospheric activities going on above their heads. Some people living in the vicinity of large Antennae have begun comparing notes, and the results are predictable if not somewhat horrifying in their common aspects. (3)


It should come as no surprise to anyone that international reports concerning the detriments of wireless energy are at odds with American findings. One needs only look at the police state here, which enforces taxes, and the fascist mindset, to understand America now exists below the level of the third world in many ways. Just the difference in studies concerning cell phones is enough to clue a reader to the realization that opportunities here are made to work if there is money there for corporate or military interests, otherwise ideas and innovations are discarded, thrown by the wayside, no matter how efficient or beneficial they are for the people at large.

The dumbing down of the American people has reached hydraulic proportions, which was a major part of the attack on us, dividing people by religion, schooling, privilege, color, sex, and more; the media has played a major part in all that, so that the second part of the attack could begin. That next phase in the attack of America is, of course, the daily spraying of the populace with harmful chemicals, based on pipe dreams and rainmaking, which are really just fronts for predation: the main purpose of the chemical spraying and wireless energy technologies are mind control and behavior modification. Make no mistake about it. The evidence does not lie.

The appointee and his type have already shown their disposition concerning torture, and the ENMOD active auroral technology is just a low grade but constant torture being used to attack the peoples ability to think and act for themselves, so that the elite which the appointee represents can rape and pillage with impunity. That is the actual law enforcement aspect of ENMOD: the ability to put people to sleep, or otherwise incapacitate them at the push of a button. Through lengthy conditioning and entrainment, this is now a reality. You are now electrosensitive. This is the only scenario that will ever make the world elite-deviant class feel safe, especially in a country where handguns are common, and the right to carry them is well entrenched. This conditioning and militarization of police is also the reason behind the surveillance state, and its ever growing technology of control.

Intelligence Police State

At the top of the heap within the police state itself exists the American Intelligence Apparatus, both past and present, and they, more than anyone else, are responsible for making sure the covert conquest of America according to the appointee occurs without anyone knowing. After all, the police state is their meal ticket, and the overthrow of American ideals will result in job security for their type, forever. Many of these type are openly beholden to foreign powers like England, and are not ashamed to admit it. They have lost the ability to discern right from wrong, among other things.

Anyone not in line with the appointed presidents program of a new world order is singled out for punishments of all types, including the types described so far, and the types which will be covered in more depth in the next chapter: mind control OTE (Other Than Electronic). This includes many things like stalking, gaslighting (Creative cognitive dissonance), other intimidations and harassment, interference in commerce, frame jobs, health issues like poisoning, and more.

From Alex Constantines 1997 Book “Virtual Government”

“…Radio Frequency Weapons have fostered the malignant growth of fascism within the intelligence agencies. Anyone who falls into disfavor with this elite can be condemned to interminable physical and psychological torture. The victim is often murdered without a trace. The abuse of mind invasive technology is an unprecedented violation of privacy and freedom of thought. There are individuals presently sitting in our prisons and mental institutions who have been set up
with highly advanced thought control technology. Due process is abandoned. The victims life hangs exclusively on the whims of the controllers, and these abuses are blatant violations of the individuals civil and constitutional rights. The new elite death squads of this modern SS employ directed energy weapons to harass and kill designated guinea pigs in terminal human experimentation. These domestic terrorists are trained in the art of persuasive coercion–CIA jargon for an harassment campaign designed to break a subject without direct physical violence. Mind control techniques perfected by the CIA include psychological intimidation, post hypnotic programming, psychological conditioning, chemical harassment, biological assaults (and a variety of Directed Energy Weaponry deployed by police and covert military in neighborhoods across the USA) 24 hours a day…”




(2) First hand accounting, wjg, gt
science pertaining to electro-gastric weapons of mind control:
Low Frequency Noise
A product of a damaged mind sometime in the 1960′s, it was found that if you pumped low frequency sound at a crowd, in this case unruly college students, you could get all sorts of interesting results. The slightly queasy feeling you get at a parade when the band goes by and the big drum gets hit led to experiments which soon discovered that sound at around 12 Hertz (12 beats per second) would send the human bowels into overdrive…

United States Patent 5,800,481
Loos September 1, 1998
Thermal excitation of sensory resonances
In man, autonomic and cortical resonances of the nervous system can be
excited by inducing subliminal heat pulses in the skin by means of a
resistive heat patch, laser, heat lamp, or microwave radiation, or through a slow air jet that carries a small periodic fluctuation in temperature.
Deeply subliminal skin temperature oscillations of frequency near 1/2 Hz
induced in a subject by any of these means cause sleepiness, drowziness,
relaxation, a tonic smile, ptosis of the eyelids, a tense feeling, sudden
loose stool, or sexual excitement, depending on the precise pulse frequency
used. For certain higher frequencies, the induced subliminal skin
temperature oscillations cause fractured thought and a slowing of certain
cortical processes…There are…application[s] in the form of nonlethal weapons, involving a pulsed infrared laser or a pulsed microwave beam, tuned to a sensory resonance pulse frequency.
electrogastrography; gastric motility; gastric emptying stomach

Detection of gastric slow wave propagation from the cutaneous electrogastrogram
J. D. Z. Chen1, Xiaoping Zou1, Xuemei Lin1, Shou Ouyang2, and Jie Liang1
1 Lynn Institute for Healthcare Research, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73112; and 2 Xiamen Medical Research Institute, Xiamen 361003, China
APPROPRIATE PROPAGATION of gastric contractions or antroduodenal coordination is of great importance to the emptying of the stomach. It is known that gastric motility is regulated by gastric myoelectrical activity that consists of gastric slow waves and spike or second potentials. Spike or second potentials are superimposed on gastric slow waves and are directly associated with gastric contractions. The gastric slow wave determines the propagation and maximum frequency of gastric contractions. It is originated in the proximal part of the stomach and propagates distally toward the pylorus with increasing velocity and amplitude. The normal frequency of the gastric slow wave is 3 cycles/min (cpm) in healthy humans. Abnormalities in the frequency of the gastric slow wave have been reported in a number of clinical settings and have been associated with gastric motor disorders and gastrointestinal symptoms (… 19, 20).

19.   Telander, R. L., K. G. Morgan, D. L. Kreulen, P. F. Schemalz, K. A. Kelly, and J. H. Szurszewki. Human gastric atony with tachygastria and gastric retention. Gastroenterology 75: 495-501, 1978.
20.   You, C. H., K. Y. Lee, W. Y. Chey, and R. Menguy. Electrogastrographic study of patients with unexplained nausea, bloating and vomiting. Gastroenterology 79: 311-314, 1980[Medline].

United States Patent 5,800,481
Loos September 1, 1998
Inventors: Loos; Hendricus G. (3019 Cresta Way, Laguna Beach, CA 92651)
Appl. No.: 580346
Filed: December 28, 1995
Thermal excitation of sensory resonances

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(3) Chapter 6


(4) Morgellons Mind Control
By: CliffMickelson


The Existing Directed-Energy Arsenal







by, Julianne McKinney
Director, Electronic Surveillance Project
Association of National Security Alumni
December 1992



Subject: [CTRL] New world order and E.L.F. psychotronic tyranny

UPDATED to Dec 1995 [Is this about to happen in mid-August 1999?]
New world order and E.L.F. psychotronic tyranny

In his September 21, 1992 speech to the United Nations, President George
Bush announced that foreign troops, would occupy America and train for a
New World Order Army. He stated:

"Nations should develop and train military units for possible U.N.
peacekeeping operations. ... If multinational units are to work
together, they must train together. ... Effective multinational action
will also require coordinated command & control and inter-operability of
both equipment and communications."

international relations. ... THE UNITED STATES IS PREPARING TO MAKE
EXERCISES. One such base, with facilities is Fort Dix, N.J."

President Bill Clinton has continued and expanded George Bush's
surrender-America policy. As a result, increasing numbers of foreign
troops, including Russian Spetsnaz, along with vast amounts of foreign
military equipment are now entering the United States to serve as a U.N.

On May 3, 1994, President Clinton signed an Executive Order Presidential
Decision Directive (originally numbered PPD-13, later changed to PPD-25)
that places U.S. troops under U.N. command and abolished the law
limiting the number of U.S. troops that can be committed to the U.N.
without approval of Congress.

PPD-25 also created special funding for U.N. peacekeeping and occupation

forces, that permits an UNLIMITED drain upon the U.S. Treasury. American

Tax payers will be forced to pay any amount demanded by the U.N.
occupation forces.

The Judas attitude of the Administration is symbolized in an article
written by Bill Clinton's very close friend, Deputy Secretary of State
Strobe Talbott, titled: "The Birth of the Global Nation." Talbott
strongly attacked American national sovereignty, stating: "NATIONAL AS
(666) "AUTHORITY," (7\20/92 Time Magazine).

Acting under U.N. occupation orders, U.S. military and national guard
forces are now being trained to attack civilians in this country. In
Alaska, contingents of Russian military OCCUPATION FORCES are reported
to have already landed. State and Federal forces, have begun
house-to-house surveys, looking for gun collectors and checking
attitudes for possible patriotic resistance.

A number of citizens have already been illegally detained. The 10\14\94
WASHINGTON TIMES reported that U.S. Marines in California had to fill
out a "Combat Arms Survey" that asked 39 questions about attitude to

Marines were asked to give their attitudes on the treason statement: "I
am a United Nations fighting person. I serve in the forces which
maintain world peace and EVERY Nation's way of life. I am prepared to
give my life in their service." The last item on the survey asked the
Marines' attitude about the statement: "I WOULD FIRE UPON U.S. CITIZENS,


As more Russian and United Nations occupation troops enter the United
States, the White House is expecting strong resistance from loyal
Americans. To QUIETLY suppress these patriotic fighters, President
Clinton is getting help from the old Soviet KGB.

Moscow is now supplying Clinton and Attorney General Janet Reno with a
whole new class of weapons, that will be specifically TARGETED AGAINST

The controlled U.S. media has labeled these so-called "NON-LETHAL
WEAPONS." A close inspection of the facts about these new anti-civilian
devices, reveals that they are SOVIET PSYCHOTRONIC WEAPONS, which are
very dangerous and they can also be extremely lethal. The 3\1\93 issue
of Time Magazine reported: "American and Russians are discovering common

interest...MIND CONTROL TECHNOLOGY. Former KGB General George Kotov has
told American visitors about Russian (KGB) research into 'acoustic
psycho-correction.' The process involves transmitting commands into the
subconscious of targeted victims through static or white-noise bands.

The Jan. 11-17, 1993 issue of DEFENSE NEWS reported that U.S. political
and military officials are obtaining Soviet mind-control technology. The

Soviet KGB "capability, demonstrated in a series of laboratory
experiments dating back to the mid-1970's, could be used to suppress
riots, CONTROL DISSIDENTS, demoralize or disable opposing forces and
enhance the performance of friendly special operations teams, sources

"Pioneered by the government-funded Department of Psycho-Correction at
the Moscow Medical Academy, acoustic psycho-correction involves the
transmission of specific commands via static or white noise bands into
the human subconscious without upsetting other intellectual functions.

Experts said laboratory demonstrations have shown encouraging results
after exposure of less than one minute. Moreover, decades of KGB
research and investment of untold millions of rubles in the process has
AND UNWILLING SUBJECTS, the experts add."

One of the KGB's psychotronic systems was being sold for as little as $
80,000. A scientific analysis published by an affiliate of the
Department of
Psycho-Correction at Moscow Medical Academy stated: "...It has become
possible to  probe and correct psychic contents of human beings DESPITE
THEIR WILL AND CONSCIOUSNESS, by instrumental means...
Results having been achieved...can be used with inhumane
purposes of manipulating psyche."

To raise hard currency, and promote the U.N. New World Order, the
Russians have planned a Bilateral Center For Psycho-Technologies where
U.S. and Russians authorities can cooperate.

Janet Morris of the Global Strategy Council, a Washington "think-tank"
tied to the CIA and Federal Government, "is a key U.S. liaison between
Russian and U.S. officials." Morris is a long time close associate of
Col. John B. Alexander, a leading U.S. expert on psychotronics.

The 4\94 SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN reported that Janet E. Morris and her
husband Christopher C. Morris "have been involved in promoting a
'psycho-correction' technology, developed by a Russian scientist, that
SOUND OR VISUAL IMAGES." In 1993, "the Morrises organized a meeting in
which the technology was demonstrated for U.S. scientists and officials
by its Russian inventor."

Defense news reported that on Dec. 15, 1992, Janet Morris stated that
she and the Richmond, Virginia-based International Health-line
Corporation "have briefed senior U.S. intelligence and Army officials
about the Russian capabilities, which Morris said could include
hand-held devices for purposes of special operations, crowd control and
anti-personal actions."

Morris reported that this particular weapon creates "BONE-CONDUCTING
SOUND WAVES that cannot be offset by protective gear These devices
appear to work at the Very Low Frequency (VLF) spectrum, the same
frequency range as generated by the sinister U.S. Gwen (Ground Wave
Emergency Network) system of transmitters.

The 7\93 issue of DEFENSE ELECTRONICS discussed the FBI's use of Soviet
KGB psychotronic devices against the Branch Dividians at Waco, Texas.
There is strong evidence that such weapons were used. After the Feds
launched their mass-murdering, flame-throwing attack, some members of
David Koresh's church attempted to flee the burning building, but soon
as they got outside, they suddenly turned around and ran back INTO the
fire--which demonstrated an extreme mental disorientation of the type
created by psychotronic mind control weapons. The few victims who
survived the fire were visibly confused and unable to talk coherently or move.


September 24, 1997


A prototype RADAR flashlight that can detect a human’s presence through walls and doors could one day be used by police officers, prison guards and others to make their jobs safer.

The device, for which a patent application has been filed, uses a radar and a specialized signal processor to detect movement. The RADAR flashlight discerns respiration from up to three meters away, with no physical connection between subject and radar.

photo copyright informationThe “RADAR flashlight” can detect the presence of a human through a wall or door.(200-dpi JPEG version – 230k)

Part of a Family of Technologies

The development is part of a family of technologies that also detects heartbeat, explained Gene Greneker, a principal research scientist at the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI).

See related paper: RADAR Flashlight for Through-the-Wall Detection of Humans

“Based on respiration signature alone, the RADAR flashlight allows us to detect a stationary individual behind a solid wooden door, or standing four feet behind an eight-inch block wall,” said Greneker. “These qualities make the flashlight potentially useful to police officers in ambush situations, and to prison guards doing bed checks.”

The Georgia Tech-funded project uses a rather narrow radar beam of about 15 to 20 degrees to detect body movement generated by breathing.

Additional potential applications include:

  • Locating people in a room during a hostage situation, based on their movement or radar respiration signature; immobilized people could be located via respiration signature alone.
  • Finding survivors in the rubble of earthquakes or accidents.

The amount of electromagnetic radiation exposure from the flashlight is very small — 10 times less than the voluntary exposure leakage level for microwave ovens in the United States. That’s about the same amount of exposure a person receives when walking under a microwave door opener, the box over an automatic door that senses your presence and opens the door for you.

For now, the signal processor is outside the flashlight-sized casing, and the respiration signature is displayed on a monitor driven by a computer-based radar signal processor. Greneker plans to make everything small enough to fit inside the flashlight housing by incorporating high-speed signal processing technology.

The RADAR flashlight has some advantages over other technologies.

“The signal from the RADAR flashlight will penetrate clothes and detect respiration through a heavy jacket,” Greneker explained. “In fact, the RADAR flashlight requires a body movement of only a few millimeters to detect human presence.”

Flashlight Has Origins in Battlefield Device

Research that evolved into the RADAR flashlight began in the mid-1980s, with the patenting of a frequency modulated radar for remotely checking vital signs of battlefield wounded before risking medics’ lives. This early technology also was tested for its ability to monitor vital signs of soldiers clothed in chemical or biological warfare suits, without requiring them to risk contamination by removing the protective gear.

Most recently, Greneker developed a prototype vital signs monitor in hopes of displaying the heartbeats of archers and rifle competitors during television coverage of the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games. Such athletes are believed to sense their heartbeats and shoot between them to avoid the slight body movement — and potential shooting inaccuracy — created by each pulse.

This application ascertains heartbeat signals 30 meters from the subject. The heartbeat channel is processed by a signal processor to remove the signal created by respiration. The system also includes a sensitive, charge-coupled device camera that allows the operator to view the area on the subject’s thorax that is monitored by the radar. The heartbeat monitor was never used for the Olympics, in part because the archery and rifle competitions were not broadcast during prime time television viewing hours.

Technology May Have Other Applications

The technology’s potential to monitor heartbeat raises some interesting possibilities, Greneker notes.

“This version of the system might be used as a biometric identification tool,” he said. “For example, if it could be shown that an individual’s radar heartbeat signature is stable over long periods of time and is unique to an individual, the remotely sensed heartbeat could serve as a ‘fingerprint’ of sorts.”

Challenge is to Reduce Clutter

Greneker also wants to explore ways to even further reduce clutter — undesired and uncontrolled signals originating from something other than the target. Clutter may be many times stronger than the desired target’s signal, requiring radar signal processing to reduce or eliminate it.

“This is a challenge,” he noted. “The amount of signal returned from the chest area of a moving person due to body motion alone is approximately 1,000 to 10,000 times the heartbeat signature. We are working on clutter suppression algorithms to use in the RADAR flashlight’s signal processor circuit.”

Greneker has presented papers on the heartbeat monitor developed for potential Olympics use at several national and international conferences over the past year. GTRI is now seeking a partner to help commercialize this family of technologies.

Georgia Institute of Technology
75 Fifth Street, N.W., Suite 100
Atlanta, Georgia 30308

John Toon (404-894-6986);
FAX: (404-894-4545)

Gene Greneker (770-528-7744);

WRITER: Lea McLees

PHOTO COPYRIGHT INFORMATION: Photographs are copyrighted by the Georgia Tech Research Corporation and may be freely used by the news media with credit to the Georgia Institute of Technology. The photographer is Stanley Leary, Georgia Tech Communications Division.


Eugene F. Greneker
Radar Systems Division, Surface Systems Branch
Sensors and Electromagnetic Applications Laboratory
Georgia Tech Research Institute
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, Georgia 30332-0856


Prior to the 1996 Olympics held in Atlanta, Georgia, several versions of a radar vital signs monitor (RVSM) were developed by Georgia Tech Research Institute researchers. The most recent version RVSM was developed to measure the heart rate of Olympic rifle and bow and arrow competitors to determine if their training allowed them to the detect their heartbeats and if so, whether they were capable of using that training to avoid an approximate 5 milliradian movement of the bow or rifle that occurs each time the heart beats. The RVSM that was developed was tested to detect the shooter’s heartbeat at a distance of 10 meters without the requirement of a physical connection to the subject. It was found that a second channel could be added to the RVSM to detect the shooter’s respiration rate from a distance of 20 meters without physical connection between the RVSM and the shooter.

The RADAR Flashlight, a spin-off of these predecessor systems developed at GTRI, is the topic of this paper. The RADAR Flashlight was designed to detect the respiration of a human subject behind a wall, door or an enclosed space with non-conductive walls. The use of the system as a foliage penetration radar has also been explored. It has been determined that the RADAR Flashlight is capable of detecting a human hiding within a tree line behind light foliage. This paper describes the current status of the RADAR Flashlight and presents typical test data produced when the system is operated in the laboratory environment.

  1. History of System Development
  2. The RVSM Developed for Olympic Application
  3. Radar Vital Signs Heartbeat Signature
  4. Operational Theory and Design
  5. Design Philosophy
  6. Real World Requirements for System Acceptance
  7. Steps Toward Commercialization
  8. Reference

1. History of System Development:

The RADAR Flashlight results from technology developed during several research projects conducted at GTRI over the past 10 years to detect respiration and heartbeat signatures from individuals at a distance and without connections. The first GTRI RVSM system was developed in the mid-1980s under sponsorship of the United States Department of Defense (DOD). A patent on the system was issued in 1992. This frequency modulated (FM) radar was used as a battlefield vital signs monitor. It was designed to be used during live fire situations to determine if a wounded soldier was alive before risking a corpsman’s life to treat him. The design goal of that system was a capability to detect heartbeat and respiration at distances of 100 meters. The system was also tested on soldiers wearing a chemical or biological warfare suit to allow vital signs to be monitored without opening the suit and risking contamination of the subject. The latest RVSM, to be briefly discussed in this paper, was developed by the author for use in the 1996 Olympics held in Atlanta, Georgia. A variant called the RADAR Flashlight, which is the primary subject of this paper, was developed for use by law enforcement personnel to detect individuals concealed behind a wall or within an enclosed space.

2. The RVSM Developed for Olympic Application:

The operation of the Olympic model RVSM was addressed in a paper that was presented atAeroSense 97.1 Specifically, the RVSM was developed because it had been proposed that some Olympic archers and rifle competitors shoot between their heartbeats to avoid an approximate 5 milliradian movement of the arms and body. If this was true, their shooting between heartbeats would provide better accuracy. A system to detect a heartbeat at a distance was proposed and a prototype RVSM was built to demonstrate the finely honed skills of the Olympic competitors. It was envisioned that the demonstration RVSM would be of interest to the television networks covering these competitions. Next, several system requirements were developed. The operation of the system could not distract the competitors. To meet this challenge, the radar was designed to be located at least 10 meters from the competitors, under a radome, and mounted on a pan-tilt positioner. A charged coupled low light level television camera was boresighted with the antenna for aiming the system at the thorax of the shooters under study. The system also required low sidelobes to avoid detection motion artifacts from the event judges who would observe the shooters during competition.

3. Radar Vital Signs Heartbeat Signature:

Figure 1 shows the a typical heartbeat signature that has been sensed by the RVSM built for the Olympics. Referring to Figure 1, the subject was seated in the laboratory approximately 3 meters from the RVSM. The RVSM antenna was boresighted on the thorax region of the subject’s chest.

Figure 1. RVSM heartbeat signatures.

It is thought that the signature that is detected by the RVSM is the shock wave propagating from the beating heart as it spreads across the thorax region of the chest wall rather than the detection of the movement of the beating heart. Studies have shown that there is little penetration of the chest wall by radio frequency (RF) energy at 24.1 GHz at the low power densities of 0.1 milliwatt/CM2, which is typical of those produced by the RVSM at a range of 3 meters. It is thought that this shock wave is the same phenomenon that is heard by a health care provider using a stethoscope. The heartbeat signature shown in Figure 1 is relatively complex, indicating that there are numerous frequencies in the signature. When the digital recording from which the Figure 1 plot was taken is fed into a digital to analog converter and the subsequent output is fed to the input of an audio amplifier with good bass response, the sound that is heard in the speaker is very similar to the heartbeat sounds that are heard with a stethoscope.

The capability of the RVSM to provide heart and respiration rate in addition to heart sounds suggests some interesting applications for the technology. These possible applications include a monitor for telemedicine that does not require the connection of electrodes to the patient. Physically or mentally challenged patients would only be required to sit in front of a table top monitor to have their heart and respiration rates taken. Burn wards could use the system to take vital signs of patients without skin for electrode attachment.

Other applications that have been investigated for the RVSM include using it to detect persons hiding in light foliage several feet behind a chain link fence. The use of the RVSM as a stress measurement system has also been investigated. It was found that a change in the heartbeat rate of a human as small as 3 heartbeats per minute is measurable. This capability has law enforcement applications. It was during the evaluation of law enforcement applications that the concept of the RADAR Flashlight was developed.

The RADAR Flashlight was developed to be a law enforcement tool. It can detect the respiration signature of an individual standing up to 5 meters behind an 20 centimeter hollow core concrete block wall and wooden doors typical of those found on most homes and which are almost transparent to the system. Dry plywood, particle board and wall board do not attenuate the signal significantly.

Most system applications for the RADAR Flashlight involve inspection of spaces beyond a door or wall. For example, the system could be used to determine if a subject is standing behind a door without a requirement that the door be opened. This technique could be used to detect a subject behind a front door who fails to answer a knock. It can also be used to inspect a closed space such as an interior closet. Normally, the closet would have to be opened to determine if someone was hiding inside.

4. Operational Theory and Design:

Figure 2 is a photograph of the current version of the laboratory prototype RADAR Flashlight. Referring to Figure 2, the system is housed in a flashlight shaped enclosure. The radar is mounted in the front of the housing, and the system’s microwave lens, used to “shape” the antenna beam, is installed in the position of the optical lens normally found on a standard flashlight. The battery compartment is longer than those found on a normal flashlight. It is currently planned that the system’s signal processor and rechargeable batteries will be housed in the extended battery compartment once the current laboratory prototype is reduced to a field testable prototype.

Figure 2. Laboratory model of Radar Flashlight with signal processor board.

The current external signal processor used with the laboratory prototype is shown in Figure 2 as the printed circuit board to the left of the RADAR Flashlight. No attempt has been made to miniaturize this signal processor which is currently used to filter the respiration signature from other signals caused by radar self motion, fluorescent lights and other clutter effects. The laboratory prototype unit shown in Figure 2 operates on a frequency near 10.525 GHz, although an earlier version of the system was operated at 24.1 GHz and demonstrated less sensitivity to motion through a 20 centimeter hollow brick block wall. The current laboratory prototype is a homodyne radar configuration, although a frequency modulated continuous wave (FM-CW) system could be used for applications where information is required to determine the range to the target. The current laboratory prototype operates in the near field region of the antenna for most through the wall detection scenarios.

The current laboratory system signal processor (shown in Figure 2) processes the respiration signal and the associated signal in the time domain so that the time domain record is preserved. The processor essentially acts as a low pass filter with the cut off frequency shoulder just above the highest respiration frequencies that are expected. This first filter rejects most of the ambient clutter sources such as fluorescent lights. The analog time domain signal is fed into an analog to digital converter hosted by a laboratory computer where the input signal is converted into a 12 bit analog word and displayed on a computer generated strip chart recording. Once in digital format, the signal can be subjected to more rigorous processing to retrieve the respiration signal under heavy clutter conditions including those due to body motion and other artifacts.

Figure 3 is a recording of a respiration signature that was taken by the RADAR Flashlight located 24 centimeters from a hollow core 20 centimeter thick concrete building block wall. The subject was instructed to stand 1.8 meters beyond the brick wall and not to move once in position but to breathe normally. The RADAR Flashlight’s beam projected through the wall and was approximately centered on the thorax region of the subject’s chest.

Figure 3. Respiration signature taken by RADAR Flashlight through 8 inch hollow core concrete wall.

Referring to Figure 3, time moves from left to right. The ambient signal level without a subject in the beam is shown as point A. The point at which the subject enters the beam is shown as point B. Upon the subject’s entry into the beam, there is a large downward shift in signal level. The shift occurs because the detector is D.C. coupled to the first stage of the signal preamplifier. As a result, there is a shift in the level of the signal due to a change in phase along the signal path caused by the placement of the subject’s body into the beam. Points C, D, E, F and G are negative excursions caused by the movement of the chest wall toward the radar during respiration. The subject was told to breathe once approximately every five seconds and the record shows that this instruction was followed. The subject steps out of the beam at approximately 52 seconds. The signal level returns to the ambient level at point H. There was a D.C. level drift of approximately 230 millivolts over the 60 second period during which the test was conducted. This signal drift would not normally appear because the output of the detector would be A.C. coupled through a D.C. blocking capacitor between the detector diode and the preamplifier input.

5. Design Philosophy:

The RADAR Flashlight will detect the body movement of a subject at longer ranges than those at which the respiration signature can be detected when the subject is stationary. Total body motion presents a much larger Doppler modulated radar cross section than the small respiration induced movement of the chest wall. Unfortunately, when the RADAR Flashlight is used for law enforcement applications, the subject can not be depended upon to voluntarily move during the search process. Thus, the detection of the involuntary respiration signature is necessary to ensure that the motionless subject can be detected.

Several system utilization scenarios have been developed for the RADAR Flashlight. When a fugitive warrant is being executed, interior closets are often the hiding places of choice for individuals who are sometimes armed and dangerous. It is the duty of those serving the warrant to open each closet door and inspect the interior space. This requirement puts the law enforcement personnel at a disadvantage. The RADAR Flashlight can detect fugitives or others hiding in a closet without requiring that the closet door be opened to complete the inspection.

During a hostage situation it may be possible to determine where in a room the hostages are located and it may also be possible to determine where the hostage takers are located at any given time, assuming that the usual hostage scenarios are followed. Hostages are usually closely controlled and may be physically restrained or under duress to prevent their escape. Thus, a hostage is generally not moving but will be breathing. The hostage taker may be highly mobile and may move from room to room to inspect his or her defenses, communicate with police, and continually assess the environment. There are exceptions, however, but if this scenario is the case even 50 percent of the time, the RADAR Flashlight may be able to help determine the location of the hostage taker(s) and determine the location of the hostages. It is envisioned that a member of the Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWATT) would take a position against the outside wall of the room of interest. The SWATT member would attempt to first detect motion and later detect respiration in a more careful search. The RADAR Flashlight would be scanned slowly across the room.

Warrant servers are required to go to a home or business to serve warrants on persons who in many cases do not want to accept the warrant or even let the server know that they are present. This is especially true when the individual will go to jail if they are discovered. The RADAR Flashlight could help determine if there is an individual behind the door but not answering the door.

6. Real World Requirements for System Acceptance:

The system must be inexpensive to produce in large quantities and in the same price range as a top end weapon carried by a law enforcement officer. Thus, a target price for the RADAR Flashlight product was set at between $300 and $500. It is thought that the most expensive part of the system would be the RF section followed by the digital signal processor. If future marketing studies should determine that high sales volumes can be achieved, the parts count in the system can be reduced significantly by implementing the system in a chip set. The cost of converting the system to a chip set would be amortized over the high number of systems sold.

There is a requirement that the system should be capable of being operated by a relatively unskilled operator. This requirement suggested that the packaging of the system was important and that the associated signal processor should be “smart” and make many of the decisions regarding target identification for the operator. Given this requirement, a flashlight configuration was adopted as a housing. The final form of the target display has not yet been determined, although a simple display would appear to be an acceptable option.

7. Steps Toward Commercialization:

The RADAR Flashlight is currently a laboratory instrument and, as such, is not designed to be used while in motion. When the RADAR Flashlight is in motion it receives Doppler shifted signals that are generated from its own motion referenced to fixed objects in front of the sensor. Depending on the radar cross section of the “radar clutter,” the clutter return can be very large compared to the small return from the chest motion generated by respiration. GTRI has developed two approaches to achieve cancellation of the self motion of the RADAR Flashlight. Research must still be conducted to determine which self motion technique is most effective and to develop the self motion cancellation algorithms.

GTRI has developed a research plan to take the RADAR Flashlight from the laboratory prototype to a field testable prototype. After field testing, it is anticipated that deficiencies will be found that must be corrected. After deficiency corrections are undertaken the system will be licensed to a manufacturer to produce as a product. The next challenge is to find the manufacturer capable of producing a quality product and also capable of funding the research that remains to transition the RADAR Flashlight from a laboratory prototype to a pre-production prototype.

8. Reference:

1. E. F. Greneker, “Radar Sensing of Heartbeat and Respiration at a Distance with Security Applications,”Proceedings of SPIE, Radar Sensor Technology II, Volume 3066, Orlando, Florida, pp. 22-27, April, 1997.

For More Information, Contact:

Eugene F. Greneker
Radar Systems Division, Surface Systems Branch
Sensors and Electromagnetic Applications Laboratory
Georgia Tech Research Institute
Atlanta, Georgia 30332-0856
Phone: (770) 528-7744

CODAN Digital Microwave Radio

Download Digital Microwave Radio 8800 series Reference Manual (1.7 MB)
Download Digital Microwave Radio 8800 series Installation Handbook (330 KB)
Download Digital Microwave Radio MINet Overview (160 KB)
Download Digital Microwave Radio MINet Management Software User Guide (1.1 MB)Digital Microwave Radio CODAN 8800  – 7 GHz to 38 GHz

IDU Digital Microwave Radio CODAN 8800

ODU of Digital Microwave Radio CODAN 8800The CODAN Digital Microwave Radio (DMR) provides 16 E1 (16 DS1), E3 (DS3), and 10/100BaseT ETHERNET transmission on an indoor unit and outdoor unit hardware platform. This is common across the entire frequency range from 7 GHz to 38 GHz.

This lightweight and rugged DMR delivers an exceptionally high grade of link performance particularly in difficult propagation conditions. In protected configurations, the CODAN 8800 offers 100% redundancy and uses advanced signal combining techniques to achieve exceptional link reliability.

The CODAN 8800 series digital microwave radios complies with the international standards for safety, spectrum emission and data transmission.

The product is software scalable and can be configured either locally or remotely. For large network roll-outs, installation can be undertaken by semi-skilled labour on site with commissioning by technical staff at a remote location.

All CODAN equipment is backed by a three year warranty and CODAN worldwide support network.

Key features

  • Adaptive Reed-Solomon Forward Error Correction (FEC) provides a high grade of service through high immunity to multi-path reflections
  • Continuous Phase Modulation is robust and gives exceptional performance in high interference environments
  • Adaptive Receiver Intermediate Frequency Control substantially reduces adjacent channel rejection
  • Automatic Transmit Power Control (ATPC) and Remote Transmitter Power Control (RTPC) parameters are software controlled
  • CODAN MINET, the Windows® based element manager, controls and monitors the network configuration via the SNMP Network Management Interface. CODAN MINET can control data transmission capacity and firmware upgrades throughout the network.
  • 100% equipment redundancy is featured in Hot Standby and Space Diversity configurations. Redundancy  switching  decisions are optimised for space diversity operation.

Data interfaces

Data Interface Units (DIU) Type

Interface requirements 4 Е1BNC 16 E1, E3
RJ 45
16 E1, E3
16 DS1, DS3
RJ 45
16 DS1, DS3

(Plus 4E1)


2/4 E1 (75 Ω)


2/4 E1 (120 Ω) +
2/4/8/16 E1 (120 Ω) + +
2/4/8/16 E1 (75 Ω) +
E3 (75 Ω) + +
2/4 DS1 (100 Ω) +
2/4/8/16 E1 (100 Ω) + +
DS3 (75 Ω) + +
4×10/100 + +


+ + +


+ + + + + +


+ + + + + +
External I/O


+ + + + + +

Digital Microwave Radio Network Management

CODAN MINET is an intuitive, network management system with enhanced monitoring and diagnostic tools. It provides a simple graphical user interface to configure and manage local, remote and network radio terminals. Reporting of alarm status and statistical performance data further enhances CODAN MINET capability.

Because MINET is based on a standard SNMP platform it can be easily integrated with HP Open View.

The software enables proactive management of all links in a network from either single or multiple operator consoles running Microsoft Windows NT®, 98 or later.

Any Ethernet LAN attached management station running CODAN MINET can also be used to conveniently manage an IDU via the unit’s 10BaseT Ethernet management interface. SNMP management and cascading between IDU are standard features.

All radio links are easily controlled from the management station by either in-band or out-of-band signalling. IP Routers in each agent distribute the management information through the network to provide simultaneous management of all links from a single console. Inclusion of Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) capability enables remote site configuration and firmware upgrades.

With MINET definable alarm mapping capability, users can customize link and external alarm reporting criteria.

Digital Microwave Radio Redundant Operation

The 8800 series digital microwave radio supports 100% redundancy in a 2RU solution with either single or dual antenna configurations.

Redundancy switching decisions are conditioned by parameters such as:

  • Link Status (fault condition)
  • User Definable Receive Signal Level
  • BER performance

The controlling algorithm provides hitless switching between the main and standby receiver paths. Space and frequency diversity operation is also supported.

A single antenna configuration requires the installation of an RF splitter. The splitter is optionally available as either:

  • an asymmetric split of 1.8 dB for the main branch and 6.5 dB split for the standby branch;
  • a symmetrical 3 dB split for both main and standby branches.

Technical specifications

System Parameters

7-8 GHz

10.5 GHz 13 GHz 15 GHz

18 GHz

23 GHz

26 GHz 38 GHz


Frequency range 7.1-8.5 GHz

10.5–10.7 GHz

12.75-13.25 GHz 14.40-15.35 GHz 17.7-19.7 GHz 21.2-23.6 GHz 24.5-26.5 GHz 37.0-39.5 GHz 38.6-40 GHz
Tx–Rx duplex frequency

7.1-7.9 GHz
154 MHz
161 MHz
245 MHz

7.7-8.5 GHz
119 MHz
126 MHz
311.32 MHz

65 MHz
91 MHz

266 MHz

315 MHz
420 MHz
490 MHz
644 MHz

1010 MHz

1560 MHz

1008 MHz
1200 MHz
1232 MHz

1200 MHz

1008 MHz

1260 MHz

700 MHz
RF interface Slip fit, WR112
Slip fit, WR90
Slip fit, WR62
Slip fit, WR62
Slip fit, WR42
Slip fit, WR42
Slip fit, WR42
Slip fit, WR28

System gain
for BER=10-3

4E1 (4 DS1)
8E1 (8 DS1)
16E1 (16DS1)

115 dB
112 dB
109 dB
114 dB
111 dB
108 dB
114 dB
111 dB
108 dB
113 dB
110 dB
107 dB
111 dB
108 dB
105 dB
107 dB
104 dB
101 dB
107.5 dB
104.5 dB
101.5 dB
107.5 dB
104.5 dB
101.5 dB
109 dB
105 dB
107.5 dB
104.5 dB
101.5 dB
101 dB
99 dB
96 dB
101.5 dB
98.5 dB
95 dB

Link ID security codes

10 000
10 000
10 000
10 000
10 000
10 000
10 000
10 000


Tx output power

+24 dB +27 dB +27 dB +25 dB +22 dB +22 dB +22 dB +19 dB

Software controlled output
power adjustment range

35 dB
in 1 dB steps

35 dB
in 1 dB steps

35 dB
in 1 dB steps

35 dB
in 1 dB steps

30 dB
in 1 dB steps

30 dB
in 1 dB steps

30 dB
in 1 dB steps

27 dB
in 1 dB steps

Tx mute level

< -45 dB < -45 dB < -45 dB < -45 dB < -45 dB < -45 dB < -45 dB < -45 dB

Frequency stability

±5 ppm ±5 ppm ±5 ppm ±5 ppm ±5 ppm ±5 ppm ±5 ppm ±5 ppm

Transmitter IF

400 MHz 400 MHz 400 MHz 400 MHz 400 MHz 400 MHz 400 MHz 400 MHz


Frequency stability

±5 ppm ±5 ppm ±5 ppm ±5 ppm ±5 ppm ±5 ppm ±5 ppm ±5 ppm

Receiver IF

140 MHz 140 MHz 140 MHz 140 MHz 140 MHz 140 MHz 140 MHz 140 MHz


4 E1/DS1
8 E1/DS1
16 E1/DS1

-87 dB
-84 dB
-81 dB

-86 dB
-83 dB
-80 dB

-87 dB
-84 dB
-81 dB

-86 dB
-83 dB
-80 dB

-86 dB
-83 dB
-80 dB

-85 dB
-82 dB
-79 dB

-85.5 dB
-82.5 dB
-79.5 dB

-85 dB
-82 dB
-79 dB

-87 dB
-83 dB
-80.5 dB

-85 dB
-82 dB
-79 dB

-82 dB
-80 dB
-77 dB

-82.5 dB
-79.5 dB
-76 dB


4 E1/DS1
8 E1/DS1
16 E1/DS1

-84 dB
-81 dB
-78 dB

-83 dB
-80 dB
-77 dB

-84 dB
-81 dB
-78 dB

-83 dB
-80 dB
-77 dB

-83 dB
-80 dB
-77 dB

-82 dB
-79 dB
-76 dB

-82.5 dB
-79.5 dB
-76.5 dB

-82 dB
-79 dB
-76 dB

-84 dB
-81 dB
-79.5 dB

-82 dB
-79 dB
-76 dB

-80 dB
-77 dB
-74 dB

-79.5 dB
-76.5 dB
-73 dB

Maximum RF input level

0 dB 0 dB 0 dB 0 dB 0 dB 0 dB 0 dB 0 dB


IDU dimensions (1+0) 44.5mm (1RU) x 430mm x 305mm
1.75″ x 19″ x 12″ (H x W x D)
IDU dimensions (1+1) 89mm (2RU) x 430mm x 305mm
3.5″ x 19″ x 12″ (H x W x D)
IDU weight (1+0) 4.6 kg (1+1) 9.2 kg
(1+0) 10 lb (1+1) 20 lb
ODU dimensions (1+0) 230mm x 175mm
9″ x 6.9″ (Dia x H)
ODU dimensions (1+1) 230mm x 400mm
9″ x 16″ (Dia x H)
ODU weight (1+0) 4.9 kg (1+1) 11.3 kg
(1+0) 10.8 lb (1+1) 25.6 lb


Altitude 4500m AMSL (15000 ft)
IDU temperature range –10°C to +45°C
IDU relative humidity Up to 95% at +40°C
ODU temperature range –55°C to +55°C
ODU relative humidity Up to 100% all weather

IDU/ODU connection

Single 50 Ω coaxial cable of up to 300 meters (1000 ft) for each outdoor unit

Power requirements

Power source ±22 to 60 V DC
Power consumption 43W (1+0)
86W (1+1)

Digital Microwave Radio network management

Digital Microwave RadioDMR PDH

CODAN|Digital Microwave Radio|8800|PDH|Ethernet

Microwave Link Network management principals


This document provides an overview of the principals of network management for a CODAN Digital Microwave Radio (DMR) network. The content is aimed at a non-technical reading audience.


A Network Management System (NMS) is a centrally-located PC that is used to control and monitor equipment located at remote and often not easily accessible sites.

Vendors of  digital microwave radios have historically implemented their network management solutions in manufacturer-specific ways. Significant incompatibilities in software and communication methods for monitoring across the industry forces operators to maintain and support several different monitoring software packages.

There is an increasing requirement for vendors to adopt an open standard for implementing network management solutions, thus enabling operators to use a single software package to monitor their entire network. The most commonly requested standard is Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).

Implementing SNMP management principles enables users of DMR equipment to efficiently monitor and control the performance of their entire network from a central, convenient location.

Historical trends

The 1990s saw rapid growth in the digital microwave radio network industry. During this period, telecommunications operators realised the cost benefits that could be obtained by monitoring and controlling their transmission networks in an effective manner.

Many companies experienced problems with monitoring network performance, especially when using several different types of transmission equipment within their network. Each type of equipment had its own monitoring and control software application, with associated maintenance issues, and these applications were often incompatible with each other. These incompatibilities prevented a network being monitoring and controlled from a common network management platform.

During recent years there has been a migration towards digital microwave radios that can be monitored and controlled by a single network management centre. This trend, coupled with similar trends within the IT industry, led to the adoption of SNMP for monitoring and control within digital microwave radio networks. This common communication protocol for network management purposes has enhanced and simplified management capabilities.


All network management architectures use the same basic structure of central monitoring computers and remote stations. Figure 1 shows the typical architecture for a basic network containing two hops of digital microwave radio, connecting sites A to B and sites B to C. Customer access multiplexers are included at sites A and C.

Digital Microwave Radio Typical network management system

Figure 1: Codan Digital microwave RadioTypical network management system

All SNMP systems consist of three main parts:

  • management station
  • management agent
  • Management Information Database (MIB)

The management station consists of a management PC running a software package to provide the interface between the human network manager and the network management system.

The devices at remote stations run software (management agent) located inside each device to be managed. The agent enables the device to send alerts, known as traps, to the central monitoring PC when a pre-determined event occurs. The events include alarms or user-defined thresholds being passed, and are determined either by the device itself or are configurable by the user. Agents also compile information about the managed devices where they reside, and then store this information locally in a MIB.

The MIB is a database file that the manager and agent use to locate, retrieve and control data relating to the managed device. MIBs come in two types:

  • Public MIBs, which are used for items that are not application-specific (for example, Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) address locations). Public MIBs are supplied with the agent and manager.
  • Private MIBs, which are used for application/equipment-specific reasons (for example, configuration and performance data for the 8800 series DMR). Private MIBs are supplied with the agent and as data files to be loaded onto the management station.

Objectives of network management

There are four key objectives for successful implementation of an NMS. These objectives are: configuration management, performance management, fault management and security management.

Configuration management

Configuration management monitors and controls device configuration so that the operation of various types of equipment can be tracked and managed. The ability to configure remote devices is essential.

As an example, when additional DMRs are added to the network, it may become necessary to change the operating frequency of a remote microwave link, or to change the data speed of one of the digital ports. Configuration management through an NMS enables these changes to be carried out without visiting the remote site.

Performance management

Performance management measures network statistical information. Examples of DMR performance parameters that might be measured include bit error rate (BER) performance, receive signal level, Ethernet utilisation, and the occurrence of hot standby switching.

Performance management involves:

  • gathering performance data on parameters of interest to the management station
  • analysing the data to determine normal minimum acceptable levels
  • setting appropriate performance thresholds for each parameter so that exceeding these thresholds indicates a network problem worthy of attention

Fault management

Fault management detects, logs, notifies users of, and if possible fixes problems to keep devices running effectively. Faults can cause downtime or unacceptable network degradation, therefore fault management is perhaps the most important of the network management objectives. Fault management can involve analysing the symptoms, isolating the problem, providing a fix, and testing the fix.

Security management

Security management provides protection for your DMR network.
Security management involves:

  • controlling access to network resources according to operator-determined requirements so that the network cannot be sabotaged (intentionally or accidentally)
  • restricting access to sensitive information by those without appropriate authorisation
  • monitoring operators logging on to a DMR within the network


Network management is a necessary feature for the modern telecommunications network. SNMP is a universally-accepted protocol with the ability to manage many different equipment and manufacturer types.

Digital Microwave Radio|Network Management|Codan 8800